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    Ok, I went to Google's main office here in mountain view california for lunch. I have a few friends that work there and all i have to say is AWESOME!!!!! That place is a fricken monster of a company with a bad a$$ campus. Not to mention a cafeteria is huge!! And for the best part the food. They have different stations for different kinds of food.(japanes, chinese, american, italian, etc..) and it all FREE!!! yes free everyday!!! It's like a vegas buffet. People strolling around in segway's, a nice clean gym, and they have company parties all the time. They closed disneyland for all the google employees for one day.
    I been to other company's here in silicon valley from yahoo, logitech, EA, Intel, Sony, and google takes the cake. Very impressive, i would love to work there, but i heard it's a looong process to get in. anyways if any of yo in the area in Cali, check it out.
    Oh , i forgot to mention almost everyone there had a berry on the table while they were eating. Some people had 2 berrys, only saw 8 iphony's.
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    that sounds ahmazing. and i love google! it's actually my homepage and the ONLY search engine that i will use!

    you musta had a great time!!

    ps..and i love that everyone had berries!! of course...
    06-25-08 08:23 PM