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    I don't know why, but I felt it a positive gesture, just a nice thing to do and wrote a letter to RIM today, and doing something unheard of nowadays: paying them a compliment rather than trashing them or their products. With the exception of my full name, here is the email I sent:
    Hello, my name is ****** ********, resident of Massillon Ohio, USA.

    I only hope someone who might appreciate this even sees it, but I wanted to offer my sincere compliments for RIM's continuing effort and unrelenting devotion to making what you all make best: Blackberry.

    I am a 29 year old fellow, I am not a business man of any sort. In fact, I maintain floors for Wal-Mart. I have to admit that I grew up with Apple Macintosh computers and have always dearly loved Apple since I was 5 years old.
    In the present years, I have played with all of the major mobile platforms, by making trades and whatnot via Craigslist. I have used iPhone, Android, and even Windows Phone 7. Despite my love for Apple, and with mixed feelings on the other platforms, truly, I have never used anything that I felt was more reliable and secure than Blackberry.

    My computer is older than dirt, and I'd rather view my smartphone as my computer. I live my life on Blackberry. I manage all of my bills and banking, manage photo libraries of my daughter, read, write, communicate and so much more on this very device, which is the Bold 9650. With all of the negative press regarding RIM's status and sales, I only want to say that I am proud and remain firm on standing by Blackberry in these iPhone and Android times.

    So to whoever you are, I hope someone at RIM is now aware that there is one low-income, non-business / non-corporate user, just a regular working class joe, who adores and believes in the real value of your products and does not hide it. By the way, my Bold has a nickname, it is "Bixy." All the best, and I hope for RIM's success.
    --****** ********

    *Sent from my Blackberry*

    So there it is. I doubt anyone who cares will even see it, and it was probably a laughable and downright goofy thing to do, but again, I wanted to and its done. Just thought I'd share it with my comrades here at CB.

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    06-06-11 10:10 AM