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    Hey guys im about 5'6" 155lbs and I want to start going to the gym and work on some upper body. However, when Ive gone in the past I never know what I should be doing and feel like an ***** so i stop after a week or two. Can anyone give me some good tips on excercises and such to build stomach arms and sholders. I hate goin and everyones so serious and im just lookin around like "okay what should i do"...

    any thoughts guys?

    07-29-08 01:02 PM
  2. gs warrior 88's Avatar
    This is what i usually do. When i work out my chest i would also work out my tri's. and when i do my biceps i work out my shoulders. Also i run for an hour on the treadmil.
    Sun-tris's chest
    mon-bi's, shoulders
    tues-back, legs
    wed-tri's, chest
    thurs-bi's, shoulders
    07-29-08 02:36 PM
  3. Rachael Speer's Avatar
    Ok, coming from a girl and all...I haven't checked out all of the sites, but I am pretty sure you'll find something useful at one of the following:
    Discovery Design Center :: Homepage Fitness Programs - Health Diet Fitness Training Program, Exercise Fitness Advice Guide
    Healthy, happy you. | FitSugar - Fitness, Health & Well-Being.
    AskMen.com - Free Men's Online Magazine
    Strength Coach.com | Strength and Conditioning | Sports Training
    Fitness Programs Plus
    Just try to search for programs that use key terms relating to what you want to focus on and eventually you will adapt a workout of your own that will prob be a compilation of portions of various others' workouts that worked well for you. Good luck and stuck to your "guns"...LOL!

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    07-29-08 09:07 PM
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    lol thanks guys
    07-29-08 09:10 PM
  5. pltaylor's Avatar
    mens health has an rss feed you can get weekly workouts sent to your phone
    07-29-08 09:11 PM
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    just got in from the gym actually lol
    07-29-08 10:50 PM
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    Yeah man if you're new to lifting and programs you should probably think about using a trainer for a bit to make sure your lifting properly and help you develop a routine to reach your goals. I know they can be cost a bit but if you're unsure about what to do you don't want to go and hurt yourself with bad technique. And expect to hurt but remember pain is weakness leaving the body.

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    07-30-08 02:03 AM
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    Make sure you are right. You can lift all you want, but if you eat trash you won't get the most out of your work outs. I follow. Rutine I found on askmen.com. Its a great site. Its an online mens magazine. Enjoy. And remember commitment is the hardest part

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    07-30-08 09:20 PM