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    ok so I just set up a gmail account. i also have the gmail account set up on my blackberry so i can access it both on computer and my bb.

    how do i get it so that my "To: me" isn't showing up as a new message? i don't really need to be alerted when I send an outgoing email.

    so how do i change it? haha i've been trying for a while and i'm getting frusterated lol!

    12-23-08 11:21 AM
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    I don't have the link because I am on my phone and not on the computer, but search this topic because I have seen the answer to this question in the past 24 hours. It might even be a sticky in one of the forums here.

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    12-24-08 07:08 AM
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    Go to your BIS for your carrier and add a filter to that account that does NOT deliver things to your handheld with your name in the from field.

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    12-24-08 08:06 AM
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    I use gmail and I don't have the problem you're describing. I checked my settings and the only thing I can see is that I have IMAP enabled so I can use it with outlook.

    try enabling IMAP in the settings section of your gmail account. let me know how it works.
    12-24-08 05:33 PM
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    Here are a few threads with that issue, one may have a photo tutorial to guide you
    12-24-08 05:46 PM
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    Log onto your account on your carrier's website. You're TMo so click on manage internet email. Select edit for your gmail address. Then when it pops up, select add filter, on the page that opens, in the first box give the filter a name, mine is named "me". In the second box select "from" field in the drop down menu, then put your gmail address in the third box, then check the "do not forward email to" device box on the bottom of the page. Then save. That was from memory, but you should be able to do it from what I wrote,

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    12-24-08 07:37 PM
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    12-26-08 11:34 PM