12-06-10 08:22 AM
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  1. highjakker's Avatar
    a 1980 chevrolet monza hatchback!

    what is your preferred style of socks?
    12-01-10 10:53 AM
  2. jlb21's Avatar
    Silver Honda Accord Hatchback.

    What is your current car?
    12-01-10 10:57 AM
  3. skullgame45's Avatar
    Three cars... Suburban, Monte Carlo and a 69 Lincoln Continental

    Do you haz any pancake mix?

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    12-01-10 10:59 AM
  4. trucky's Avatar
    Bisquik always on the shelf, but it only makes wafflez for meeeeee.

    Are you ready for summer yet?
    12-01-10 11:20 AM
  5. Cyber Warrior's Avatar
    Yes, let's end winter after December and go straight to summer.

    Are you Shellie...j/k...............What do you want for Christmas? Hanukkah? Kwanza? Whatever floats your boat.
    12-01-10 11:55 AM
  6. skullgame45's Avatar
    Other than a healthy family and awesome friends, nothing. I'm not the receiving type so I don't want anything but healthy spirits around me.

    How has life treated you this year?

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    12-01-10 12:07 PM
  7. jlb21's Avatar
    Ok. We're all healthy, I have a job, and my daughter is getting good grades in school.

    How many times have you seen Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1?
    12-01-10 12:25 PM
  8. crownr0yal's Avatar
    0. I want to see part 1 and 2 together so I'm waiting for next summer.

    How often do you dine out?

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    12-01-10 12:49 PM
  9. Cr0nichik's Avatar
    never...fast food is yuck!

    what time is it where you are?
    12-01-10 02:20 PM
  10. the_sandman_454's Avatar

    Morning person?
    12-01-10 02:50 PM
  11. trucky's Avatar
    Morning, noon, and night, and sometimes a few in between.

    Pickles or Peppers?
    12-01-10 03:17 PM
  12. the_sandman_454's Avatar

    Where would you draw the line at which you'd say "enough is enough" with airport security?
    12-01-10 03:51 PM
  13. Cr0nichik's Avatar
    when anyone touches me.

    favorite food?
    12-01-10 04:14 PM
  14. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    A good pizza with lots of good cholesterol filled meat toppings...

    Do you agree with me that bacon should be its own food group?
    12-01-10 06:05 PM
  15. middbrew's Avatar
    You mean it's not?

    Do you buy or rent your movies?
    12-01-10 06:39 PM
  16. skullgame45's Avatar
    Buy... over 2,000 movies in my inventory

    What was your favorite "just got home from school and must watch" TV show when you were young?

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    12-02-10 12:17 AM
  17. crownr0yal's Avatar

    When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

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    12-02-10 12:21 AM
  18. highjakker's Avatar
    last night....right before zipping up. lol (JK honey)

    what was the first thing you drank this morning?
    12-02-10 08:34 AM
  19. thinkamp's Avatar

    what was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?
    12-02-10 09:01 AM
  20. trucky's Avatar
    Turn the heater up and crawl back in bed for a few minutes so I won't freeze things in the shower.

    How much loose change is in your pocket/purse/manbag right now?
    12-02-10 09:04 AM
  21. highjakker's Avatar
    nothing........i'm married.

    what color are your socks?
    12-02-10 09:09 AM
  22. thinkamp's Avatar

    what color is your hair?
    12-02-10 09:16 AM
  23. highjakker's Avatar
    dark brown.

    when was the last time you called in sick just to stay home?
    12-02-10 09:19 AM
  24. jlb21's Avatar
    Via my Kuerig machine, a cup of Newman's Own Organics Extra Bold.

    Who else thinks my life is over now that my daughter just turned 13?
    12-02-10 09:34 AM
  25. thinkamp's Avatar
    It has only just begun! mahahahahhaa!

    what is your favorite time of the year?
    12-02-10 09:35 AM
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