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    I hope everyone in and around the Greater Toronto Area are doing OK after the torrential storm that flooded many areas. I saw what Calgary was going through and now to actually experience such an event was definitely a scary sight - I've never seen so much water within such a short amount of time. I had to park my car on higher ground and walked through water above my waist to get home to make sure everyone in my family was OK. Thanks goodness for my Z10 and an extra battery & charger bundle because all the other phones in my house ran out of juice, I was able to stay connected with friends and families during the power outage to let everyone know that we're safe =)

    Even the bus was abandoned because water reached half of the bus and about 4 feet high in our basement x_x

    Flooding in Toronto =(-img_00000416.jpg
    Flooding in Toronto =(-flood2.jpg

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    07-09-13 01:58 PM
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    Glad that you're ok ...stuff can be replaced
    07-09-13 02:24 PM
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    Wish u all the best glad that u r ok.

    07-09-13 02:29 PM
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    Glad you got through it safely, all of my family and friends seem to be okay. After the water recedes, definitely have an inspector come from take a look at your basement for any mold. We had water issues a few years back and my fiance became severely ill from mold in the walls.

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    07-09-13 02:33 PM
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    Thanks everyone we have already contacted the insurance company about the flood damage! I'm just glad that everyone in our neighborhood is doing alright! I'm just worried about other areas that have seniors who reply on electronic pumps and maintenance supplies! Thank you and the items lost/damaged are no concerns because we can always replace them again. I am just glad that everyone in the GTA is doing OK compared to what happened in Calgary where it took three lives I heard.

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    07-09-13 04:39 PM
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    Hope the power comes on soon. We are thinking about you.

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    07-09-13 07:45 PM

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