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    I'm more than positive that we've all heard of the plane that crashed into the Hudson River but yesterday I had the oppurtunity to SEE it. In my town, there is trucking company that hauls and stores a lot of wreckage (multiple plane crashes, metal for the twin towers, etc). A few years ago a small plane crashed and it was such a site to see the plane literally going down the main street and watching crews take down light posts just to allow it to get through.

    I didn't get to see this one on the street but I did go down to the warehouse to watch them put it in and of course I brought my camera with me. My pictures came out blurry because I just ran out of the house with my camera and it was already dark. I thought I'd share them with you. I guess it will be a story to tell the grandkids...

    02-02-09 01:59 AM
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    Wow-there's something you don't see everyday

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    02-02-09 10:08 AM