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    Basically bought myself some new LED bulbs and fittings and thinking of fitting them myself. This is a side project that I am doing cause well... Boredom from month's worth of holidays is killing me! 11 days done... So many days left!

    Anyways back onto topic! These are bulbs outputting 3w, on the fitting it has a small white box thing with two wires + and -. On the box it says 85-265 VAC 50/60hz which means input obviously which I think is the standard in the UK. Output is 300mA 3-12v.

    But here's my question, If I wanted to wire 3 of these babies up. Could I daisy chain them e.g

    Switch + bulb 1 - + bulb 2 - + bulb 3 - switch

    Would this work? Would the output of the bulbs suffer?

    Before anyone says get a qualified electrician... I really am bored and want to do this myself. I will be safe and turn the mains off and fit and then turn on and if it goes up in flames so be it cause I am doing this on a test bench for a much bigger project.

    Thank you!
    01-22-15 10:58 AM

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