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    ... New York, Toronto, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, London, Rome, Moskow and in 100 other big cities worldwide....

    Do you want to read this news in your local newspaper or internet???? Of course- Im sure...
    In my opnion BlackBerry has to do things in a big way now. They are able to get a similar cult status like apple (but just with class) when they would go full risk and establish an own distribution. These stores could be rendezvous points for BB-User, Place of support and software communication and could sell contracts... Merchantising: lanyards and car-sticker, etc... All devices are available there and the stores should get an elite and nerdy charm...

    They would become independent from provider and carrier and all upgrades (firmware) should be available in time...

    BB-devices would presented directly in a shop window and not hidden in a dark vitrine in the corner behind older htc-devices...

    Im interested in your opinion... would you welcome a BB-store in your next big city and would you utilize their offer (beside selling phones)? For me I can say, that I would love to meet similar sick people like me in a store/cafe/meeting-point in my next big city (Hamburg, Germany) and to discuss BB and support local BB-fans and users...

    This stores would become the first mobile-computing-net-work with better coffee than starbucks... I have a dream....!
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    08-11-13 12:24 PM
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    If give anything for a blackberry retail store in Toronto!

    My z10 is a Leafs fan
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    08-11-13 12:58 PM
  3. anon2100101's Avatar
    If give anything for a blackberry retail store in Toronto!

    Same to me...in Hamburg...!

    My z10 is a Leafs fan
    08-11-13 01:21 PM

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