1. nucks26's Avatar
    If any of you are CrackBerry users out in Moncton, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay locked in your homes and stay safe, have faith in the Police, they will take this *** hole down. Good luck guys.

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    06-04-14 11:45 PM
  2. Peevish's Avatar
    Seems like the ***** is targeting cops.

    Posted via CB10
    06-05-14 12:00 AM
  3. jvictor77's Avatar
    Yup. Terrible stuff - stay safe people!

    ZZwiped up on my Z10!
    06-05-14 12:06 AM
  4. LoneStarRed's Avatar
    Why is it that you tend to have much less killings and attacks when it is known that residents and citizens are well armed. For some reason the criminals and sickos avoid other people with guns and go after the unarmed.

    Many of these attempted attacks have been stopped in their tracks by citizens with legally licensed weapons.
    06-05-14 12:14 AM
  5. jvictor77's Avatar
    I disagree. That just compounds the problem!

    ZZwiped up on my Z10!
    06-05-14 12:26 AM
  6. LoneStarRed's Avatar
    My heart goes out to the family of those killed by that sicko!
    06-06-14 12:40 AM
  7. JamBueree's Avatar
    Well I'm glad it's all over.

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    06-06-14 02:05 AM
  8. LostOnThePianoRoll's Avatar
    What happened?

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    06-06-14 02:37 AM
  9. Ecm's Avatar
    A bad day, glad the shooter has been stopped.

    This also seems to be a good place to stop this thread. The pros and cons of of firearms is definitely not a topic that we want to discuss here -- there are forums specifically for that topic.
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    06-06-14 07:26 AM

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