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    Hi everyone,

    I was thinking it might be interesting to see how that little device on your belt has morphed over time.

    For myself, I began many years ago with the original Palm Pilot. Boy I loved that thing! Instant addiction. Later, I moved to the Handspring Visor (got all sorts of upgrades for it). After that came the Sony Clie, my last "pure" PDA.

    After that came a hiatus due to one thing or another. I missed having PDA functionality. Then I saw my first Blackberry on an episode of CSI New York. One of the characters even called it a "Crackberry!" A seed was planted.

    A little while later, I got the Curve 8330. Then I discovered the Tour 9630.

    Now I have a habit. Blackberries are like microwave ovens: once you get it, you've got no clue how you managed without it. I considered an I-Phone or some other smart phones, but the 'Berry just called to me. Please welcome a new addict!

    So how about all of you? How did the object on your belt evolve?

    09-29-09 10:22 AM
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    Welcome to CB! Enjoy the ride!

    I started out with the old brick Motorola phone, you know the one, with the single line of display. My parents picked that one up for emergencies when I first started driving. Once I turned the ripe age of 18, the parents yanked the brick from me to give to my brother, so I went and got an LG dumbphone thru Sprint. Hung with them for a while, burned thru phones like crazy, another LG, a Samsung (both that worked fine) and a handfull of Sanyo's that were absolute junk, along with Sprint's network... but that's another story. Then went to Nextel, got an i80, then an iSomething or other, then an i530, then i5something else. After a ton of frustration with Nextel's lack of decent SMS messaging, I went to US Cellular, where I got a Kyocera slider (big mistake) then a Moto Razr (quite nice for a dumb phone) and then my BB 8330. I cannot foresee me getting anything other than a BB for the rest of my wireless device owning existence. It does everything that I could ever want and more... performed way past any expectations I had.
    I also have an i570 Nextel for work...
    And, none of these call my belt their home, the Nextel rides outside my left pocket, and the 8330 lives in the painter's pocket of my jeans.
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    09-29-09 10:50 AM
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    Lol... my wife hates that I "geek out" and wear electronics on my belt.

    First I had my old Sanyo SCH-4000 "dumb" phone. It was the first time I had any kind of mobile device that had "the internet". Okay so it was a 20 character wide screen, and could only go to WAP pages provided by my phone company, but I could get text-directions and movie listings

    Then when I got into management, I purchased my first PalmOS device, a used Sony Clie T665C PDA. I also moved to an Moto i530 iDEN phone.
    From there it was on to my Clie NX70V PDA and eventually to my Clie UX50 PDA. I also switched to a Moto V360 phone briefly, but HATED that phone.I kept my UX50 going for several years, and moved to a SE W810i phone.

    Then I got my Sony UX390 UMPC and W580i phone. That was the end of the PDA era for me...

    I still run my UX390, and of course now been using my Curve 8310 for about a year.
    My Curve has been a great device, but I've always hated it as a phone, so I've recently switched over to using it as a Data-only device, and brought my w580i out of retirement.

    Now my Curve is slowly dying, so I'm planing on moving to a new device (probably a 9700).

    I also have my Jabra BT2020 headset on my belt too
    09-29-09 01:24 PM
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    I'm Batman!

    Or, at least I used to be. I used to carry a dumb phone, Casio BE-300 PDA, and an MP3 player on my belt. I would have one or two devices off of each hip!

    The phone got updaed to a RAZR around the time I got my Dell Axim, then updaed the old RCA MP3 player to a Zune. Even though everything pretty much got updates, everything was will seperate.

    When I got my BB, the Dell Axim went by the wayside. Teh Zune only gets carried when we are on a trip and want to watch movies. So, now I just carry one device that does everything all the others did, and more!
    09-29-09 02:00 PM
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    I'm Batman!
    That's what my wife calls me... and not as an affectionate nickname, lol.

    When I'm working away from my workshop, I may have up to all of the following on my belt:
    1.)My Curve 8310
    2.)My SE W580i
    3.)My Sony UX390
    4.)My Swiss Army Knife
    5.)My Mini-Maglite
    6.)My mini toolkit
    7.)My Jabra BT2020

    Yup, I'm an ‹ber Geek, I know...
    *shakes head*
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    09-29-09 04:58 PM