1. DarkJoker33's Avatar
    Play store access/services, Whats the point of even having a BlackBerry anymore?
    And out of that group of people who want the access, why wouldn't you support and Androberry? It's pretty much exactly what you want.
    All your info is going to Google or whomever any ways, so the security feature of a BB is pretty much thrown out the window for the everyday consumer.
    06-21-15 10:05 AM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    For far too many your point is well ltaken. There remain many who are more cautious. We advocates of privacy keep hoping the greater populous will awaken one day. Hope springs eternal.

    C000C6078 Bits for links to world news and views, technology and science postings.
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    06-21-15 10:13 AM
  3. DarkJoker33's Avatar
    And to add to it,
    If you already use anything google on pc/mac, which is the vast majority of everything nowadays, what's the difference if you don't primary use it on mobile?

    They already have all your info anyways.
    A good percentage of people already use youtube, some people use G+, a lot of people use it as a search engine.

    They are intertwined in just about everything.
    It sounds like I'm hating on BlackBerry, but I really do like their devices as well as the os.

    Via Passport via CB10
    06-21-15 11:37 AM
  4. theyrebackberry's Avatar
    Google doesn't have one bit of information about me. Sure, blocking cross-domain scripting to the likes of googleapis breaks half the internet, but that's a good thing: it forces you to seek out alternative services which respect your privacy. If others don't care, that's their problem. They tend to get the idea pretty quickly when their emails are returned with an automated "messages from gmail are blocked for privacy reasons" response.
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    06-26-15 12:23 AM

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