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    Last weekend was his(Ray Loard) birthday(sorry ,i don't know how to call him),I went to his school and spend birthday time with his classmates and him.That night,I missed my first kiss because of his demand.It's the first time I've seen him since we graduated from our senior high school.I fell in hidden love with him when I 'm in my freshman year.
    Though i expressed my feeling about him before,he never gave the direct reply.It's hard time for me .
    My friend persuaded me to give up him.and there was a time my close friends helped me find a boy looking like him.but he is not him after all.So I refused.And there was another boy June ,very good person.he told me that he will try his best to make me forget that boy.What I should apologize to him is that I should not give him the chance to fall in love with me.Otherwise he wouldn't be so sad when I sad to him that I couldn't forget Ray.You know?Though I tried hard to forget him and persuade myself to accept June,there's always Ray in my dreams -----This is why I told June why I 'm not suitable for him.I don't wanna betray him and Ray...

    Last Sunday night ,we got a room,and he didn't go back to his dormitory ,that's what surprised most .all the time ,i've thought he was an introverted guy ,and would have left me alone in the hotel...but...

    I didn't wanna give my first kiss to him ,though I like him so much,so many times I 've dreamed of him.It's too hasty to me.My fist ....is to my husband.But finally I was persuaded. i didn't know how to kiss(embarassed ),i saw he didn't completely close his eyes ,seems he wanna know how i feel.but i 've heard that if a man kisses a girl,and he doesn't close his eyes.He doen't not really love this girl.Is that true???????????????????????
    So i looked at him and said ,"if you just wanna relieve your lonliness by having sex with a girl,i'm not the one.You can go and find anothere girl to keep a relationship with.I don't want a loveless relationship .But he said he loves me and we didn't see each other,it was unreal for him to run a relationship ,so he didn't reply me directly. And he said that men was born to be irresistant to their girls,is that real or just an excuse?????????

    We didn't have sex with each other,but intimacy .
    it's real that he 's not that cold to me as before.In the contrary ,he is active to chat with me after I go back to my home.
    Does he love me ,really ?
    My english is poor and something i can express clearly.hope that you can understand..
    08-24-11 03:04 AM
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    About the eyes closed, no it's not true. Eyes open or closed -- it has nothing to do with whether or not a man loves a woman. Also, you don't say how old you are, but are you sure you're not wasting your life pining for this Ray? Perhaps that's just not meant to be ... And I'm also curious. What's your first (primary) language (mother tongue)?

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    08-27-11 11:44 AM