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    I have a Dell Dimension 8400, which has a P4 3.0, and a

    ATI Radeon X300 w/ 128MB ram. (Lists on Dell's site as

    Card, Graphics, 128, X300 Server Enhanced, MRMGA8, 2).

    I'm running 2GB system ram and Windows XP Pro.

    I am wondering if upgrading to a better card would let

    me actually play some kind of games on this thing.

    Right now, about the only thing I play is Minecraft,

    and occasionally WoW.

    I'm trying to keep my budget under $100, as I don't

    want to spend too much on this old machine. (I am

    planning building a new system next year.) I was

    looking at something in the GeForce GTX 550 or GTX 610

    family... depending on what I can get my hands on.

    Any recommendations? I'm not a big fan of ATI, but I'll

    try anything once... I've usually used nVidia products,

    except if it was something included in the system or

    09-14-12 10:46 PM
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    Why would you post a pc related question on PlayBook forum?
    Try searching/posting in the below link should help.
    09-14-12 11:53 PM