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  • Obama

    150 58.37%
  • McCain

    94 36.58%
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    13 5.06%
11-05-08 12:08 PM
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  1. Blue_Snowflakes's Avatar
    everyone on here's reason for voting for obama is because "he communicates better to the public". it's like no one has any idea about each candidate's policies.
    Wow, that's a broad generalization for you to make. Have you read all 37 pages of posts? There's no way you could have to make such a statement.
    10-10-08 12:49 PM
  2. asylvia's Avatar
    I absolutely agree with you on this!

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    I'm a republican, so the McCain/Palin ticket is getting my vote.

    Personally, I'm thinking on handwriting in Gumby or Jack Bauer (TV's hero from 24) for President when I vote next month.
    what about david palmer??
    10-10-08 12:51 PM
  3. asylvia's Avatar
    i've only read through the first ten pages or so and that was the consensus i picked up.
    10-10-08 12:51 PM
  4. smokeyjoe's Avatar
    If the shoe fits......

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    10-11-08 05:20 AM
  5. exelant's Avatar
    Looks like the very bright people are here to tell us how smart they are...
    10-11-08 06:34 AM
  6. smokeyjoe's Avatar
    Oh, this is fun!!!

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    10-11-08 07:40 AM
  7. exelant's Avatar

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    10-11-08 11:14 AM
  8. exelant's Avatar
    This is the guy you want to lead us in the current economic meltdown caused by Bush and his Wall Street Republican buddies:

    The current economic crisis demands that we understand John McCain's attitudes about economic oversight and corporate influence in federal regulation. Nothing illustrates the danger of his approach more clearly than his central role in the savings and loan scandal of the late '80s and early '90s.

    John McCain was accused of improperly aiding his political patron, Charles Keating, chairman of the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. The bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee launched investigations and formally reprimanded Senator McCain for his role in the scandal. Today, John McCain is the only major party presidential nominee in US history to have been rebuked, censured or otherwise admonished after a Congressional ethics investigation.

    At the heart of the scandal was Keating's Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, which took advantage of deregulation in the 1980s to make risky investments with its depositors' money. McCain intervened on behalf of Charles Keating with federal regulators tasked with preventing banking fraud, and championed legislation to delay regulation of the savings and loan industry -- actions that allowed Keating to continue his fraud at an incredible cost to taxpayers.

    When the savings and loan industry collapsed, Keating's failed company put taxpayers on the hook for $3.4 billion and more than 20,000 Americans lost their savings. John McCain was reprimanded by the bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee, but the ultimate cost of the crisis to American taxpayers reached more than $120 billion.

    The Keating scandal is eerily similar to today's credit crisis, where a lack of regulation and cozy relationships between the financial industry and Congress has allowed banks to make risky loans and profit by bending the rules. And in both cases, John McCain's judgment and values have placed him on the wrong side of history.

    Guess we know who the moron really is. Let me get you a bucket of sand to put your head in. lol. It is fun, it is almost too easy.
    10-11-08 12:09 PM
  9. El33tist's Avatar
    I can't believe the people who believe Obama is the "antichrist."
    My father in law and sister in law swear it's true.
    10-11-08 01:18 PM
  10. exelant's Avatar
    For the record, I would much rather debate issues, but when the name callers and their little buddies show up, well, gotta fight fire with fire. And there is some firewood there to do it with.

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    10-11-08 02:05 PM
  11. smokeyjoe's Avatar
    Can we please all act our age?

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    10-11-08 08:10 PM
  12. exelant's Avatar
    I'm trying Joe , I'm trying. You aren't innocent, eh. If the shoe...

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    10-11-08 09:07 PM
  13. smokeyjoe's Avatar
    Nope, I'm not. But I'm pretty happy with my life. How about you?

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    10-11-08 09:13 PM
  14. exelant's Avatar
    Oh yeah, things are good here. Actually have a depression proof job. I do have sympathy for those who don't. Great wife, kids. Couple of interesting hobbies. Really enjoy helping people out here on CrackBerry. Generally do my best to treat others well, without trying to hurt their feelings. Like Earl, I do believe in Karma. Yes, all in all, I can't complain.

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    10-11-08 09:40 PM
  15. smokeyjoe's Avatar
    Good. I have a good job a wonderful boyfriend of 8 years a house of our own and a couple of labs that LOVE to duck hunt and are also spoiled rotten by me, their mama! Peace!

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    10-11-08 10:03 PM
  16. exelant's Avatar
    Animals! Don't get me started. Three horses, barn cat, three lop eared rabbits, and a blue heeler who thinks she's human and can herd anyone she wants -- including our neighbor's cows and the horses, who look at her like she's an ant. Life is good, gotta protect it. Friendship to all, except that guy who... JK!

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    10-11-08 10:52 PM
  17. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    I can't believe the people who believe Obama is the "antichrist."
    My father in law and sister in law swear it's true.
    It's written word... it must be the truth!

    BTW, since a lot of people seem to believe what's written in a thick book I'd suggest all politicians from now on just write large thick books about what they want to do once they become President. It might work better for them.
    10-11-08 11:28 PM
  18. exelant's Avatar
    They'd have to say they're blessed for that to work, Jr,

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    10-12-08 01:16 AM
  19. Frawg's Avatar
    The next 4 years promises to be one GIANT spoonful of caster oil, as far as I can tell. I actually think the winner of this election will ultimately be the loser, regardless which party wins. Having said that, it is becoming more apparent that the Democrats will win the House, Senate, and the Presidency, just like the Republicans did a few years back. That scenario did not play well with Americans then and it won't go over well now. The opportunity for mischeif in this kind of environment is likely. YIKES!!!

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    10-12-08 03:11 PM
  20. Nycxice's Avatar
    Obama can thank fred raines for presidency...oh wait he can't ..cause he dropped him when his company went splat...yes obama selected a financial advisor (whose company pretty much funded his election...) Whose company along with fanny mae went ker splat...

    But yea...he's better financially..

    Yes all the democrats are saving the world by voting for obama..

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    10-12-08 04:22 PM
  21. exelant's Avatar
    I am worried that you may be right Frawg. Bush and Company have messed things up so bad that it will take decades to recover. But the other side of that is that there is going to be so much pain for regular people that we will need a Dem to help us through it. Say what you want, but the right only believes in helping the wealthy. Batten down the hatches, we're in for a rough ride.

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    10-12-08 05:44 PM
  22. Nycxice's Avatar
    Look up Ron Paul 2004 on youtube.. He predicted this all happening..btw...we have Jimmy Carter to thank for this..the whole credit problem...

    But the world and vote democrat you sad bs'ed bleeding heart liberals.

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    10-12-08 06:07 PM
  23. exelant's Avatar
    Well you started out trying to make a point. Then you disintegrated into a name calling know nothing. To think you bring up Jimmy Carter and blame him for the mortgage melt down caused by the unregulated wall street greed that resulted from writing all those mortgages these past seven years. Jimmy caused lots of problems and surely deserved to be a one term president, but really? Spare us the baloney and try to focus on the truth of the situation. What's next, Hoover knew what he was doing?lol.

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    10-12-08 08:18 PM
  24. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    But the world and vote democrat you sad bs'ed bleeding heart liberals.

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    So what you're saying is that it's ok for rich mother frackers to sit on wallstreet and speculate on what everything should cost in order to drive up their profits. Hummm, you're right, that doesn't sound stupid at all. I got something to say to all you Republicans. STFU already, you're messing up this country!
    10-12-08 08:56 PM
  25. exelant's Avatar
    Keep it together JR, lol. You got it kind of wrong, they have ALREADY messed the country up. I just hope it isn't too late. They have no idea what 35% unemployment will look like because they think history is a commie plot.

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    10-12-08 10:03 PM
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