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    (I think I recognize the guy on the right... hmmm)

    A circus dwarf and a man with the 'stretchiest skin in the world' have been banned from appearing at an Oxford University college ball.

    Demon Dan the Dwarf (left) will not perform at the St Peters College ball (Pic: newsteam)

    It seems vertically challenged Demon Dans ability to drag a vacuum cleaner using only his genitals cuts no mustard with the dean of St Peters College.

    Neither does Gary Stretchs talent for pulling a flap of his own neck skin over his mouth. Ball organisers had considered the pair from the Circus of Horrors touring company to perform at their 75-a-ticket bash on May 7. But college masters have censored the Cest La Revolution event.

    The decision angered Demon Dan, otherwise known as Daniel Blackner, who said: I have a brilliant resum after featuring as an Ewok in a Star Wars film and various Muppet movies as a flying teddy bear.

    Circus of Horrors has been touring for 15 years and warns that its Gothic-style horror shows are not for sissies or those of a nervous disposition.

    Its creator, known only as Doctor Haze, said: It is ridiculous for the dean to try and decide what people should or should not see.

    A university spokesman said the Circus of Horrors was considered but deemed unsuitable for the ball.
    03-08-11 06:14 AM
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    I JUST warned someone else for thread titles! Do I need to smack you with my mod stick trucky? I KNOW we are in OT, but the thread titles still appear on the main forum list! CLEAN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!
    03-08-11 09:53 AM
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    Smack gratefully accepted. May I have another SIR!

    Thanks for illuminating me. I posted that prior to my coffee. I'll work on my indigenous vernacular in the future.

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    03-08-11 09:57 AM
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    Muchos Gracias, just be glad AG retired, or else the thread probably would have been deleted.
    03-08-11 09:58 AM
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    Or just tell OP to grow up.
    03-08-11 11:36 AM
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    He's just trying to impress the ladies.

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    03-08-11 11:48 AM
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    Hahaha, another win from Trucky!
    Puilling a vacuum with your manhood... wth?
    03-08-11 01:00 PM
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    Ok I don't know what is funnier. The story or Trucky getting put in the naughty chair. It is not mentioned in the story the size of the vacuum. I can only assume it is a canister style do to the size challenges.
    03-08-11 08:08 PM
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    He should have no problem finding employment with Jolly maids.

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    03-08-11 09:30 PM
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    That's actually how my wife gets me to help out around the house. Who know I could get paid for it.
    03-08-11 10:35 PM
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    Could have done without that mental image.

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    03-08-11 10:37 PM
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    Could have done without that mental image.

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    So you're saying the image of Demon Dan the Dwarf toting a vacuum around is ok, but not an image of me?
    03-08-11 10:46 PM
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    i bet it's a dyson ball vac.....
    03-09-11 08:48 AM
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    I'd pay to see him pull this one.

    03-09-11 10:55 AM