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    Finally, the Tablet to Make HP and RIM Feel Better About Themselves
    by Ina Fried - Published on September 30, 2011

    There have been some pretty bad attempts to take on the iPad over the past year, but things reached a new low last night.

    On NBC’s “The Office,” the fictional Dunder Mifflin team was forced to sell a triangle-shaped tablet, dubbed the Pyramid. It’s heavy and has poor battery life and, well, it’s shaped like a triangle. It has enough flaws to make the TouchPad and PlayBook seem like home runs.

    Of course, unlike the products from HP and RIM (and dozens of less-than-successful Android tablets), what the Pyramid has going for it is that it was never meant to be real.

    That said, its arrival should provide some comic relief for the tablet industry, at least until they remember that Apple continues to laugh its way to the bank.

    VIDEO ==>

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    If this video clip doesn't make you, at the very least, grin... please check your pulse to see if you haven't checked-out...
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    I loved when Stanley was on the phone with a client and shouted, "You need to unleash the power of the pyramid!" At least it was something along those lines.
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    09-30-11 04:06 PM
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    First triangle tablet. I wonder how well that'll sell for. Interesting.

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    ... video link was disabled by NBC, maybe try to catch the reruns...
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