04-20-08 11:17 PM
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  1. mrs.d's Avatar
    Just curious....I just signed up and want to follow some interesting people around....let me know. So I can stalk you!! Hahaha...just kidding...bad joke...sorry!
    04-01-08 07:12 PM
  2. s.f.clk02's Avatar
    Wat is twittering??
    04-01-08 07:23 PM
  3. mrs.d's Avatar
    04-01-08 07:27 PM
  4. sunkast's Avatar
    I like to use Tumblr. That way I can also upload a photo taken from my phone along with a caption.
    04-01-08 07:29 PM
  5. mrs.d's Avatar
    Okay...cool....I'll check it out.
    04-01-08 07:38 PM
  6. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    no i dont do drugs haha
    04-01-08 11:29 PM
  7. cate's Avatar
    i created an account but that's about it
    04-01-08 11:37 PM
  8. xandrex#IM's Avatar
    Yep. I use it. On and off. The best way to remind yourself to use it is to keep it on your phone. For a BB, there's Twitterberry...and for the rest of us that are not quite yet in the BB boat yet (soon, hopefully!), they have a number that you can text your updates too. It can be a lot of fun if you have friends and you subscribe to each other.
    04-01-08 11:49 PM
  9. jnieves's Avatar
    I would like to use it, it souns cool! But I don't have friends that use it. Is there a Twitter exchange, like the pin exchange?
    04-10-08 03:08 PM
  10. NicciJ's Avatar
    Oh, I'm a hardcore twitter addict username: niccij

    I've been using it for a while, and if I couldn't check it every 15 minutes on my BB, I'd go crazy!

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    04-10-08 03:55 PM
  11. modfish's Avatar
    I just signed up my name is Drive_Thru_SD hit me up and let me know your from CB it looks really sweet
    04-10-08 05:36 PM
  12. mje5270's Avatar
    I'm on it, too: mje5270
    04-10-08 06:20 PM
  13. chynnamann's Avatar
    I looked into it and saw that none of my friends were on it or using it so... probably going to pass!
    04-10-08 06:44 PM
  14. mje5270's Avatar
    I looked into it and saw that none of my friends were on it or using it so... probably going to pass!
    None of my friends are on it yet, either, so I pick out people to follow whose updates look interesting, funny, or I know from or have seen on Crackberry.com. Some of them will choose to follow you, too, and some of them don't. I've only been on it about a week or so, but it seems kinda cool.

    Twitter's definitely not for everyone, though.
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    04-10-08 06:58 PM
  15. mrs.d's Avatar
    yeah....i signed up cause it was ANOTHER thing for me to do when I'm bored and standing in line....or another way of venting my frustrations without screaming in public and looking like a lunatic...

    my username is mrs_d
    04-10-08 09:51 PM
  16. wabbit's Avatar
    that thing freaks me out in a way ...
    04-10-08 10:01 PM
  17. xandrex#IM's Avatar
    I've become much more of a Twitter addict recently...but still waiting until I get my BB to become the ultimate addict with TwitterBerry. :P

    It really isn't for everyone, especially if you are a sort of person who wants REPLIES and feedback from everything you say. The best way to enjoy Twitter is to add people and watch what they're saying (you can reply back...just a little work-around), and post your own thoughts. Can keep track of people...and if you follow the right people, you can find out a lot of things!
    04-11-08 07:31 PM
  18. jnieves's Avatar
    I signed in the other days! I'm j_nred

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    04-13-08 01:05 AM
  19. username's Avatar
    Im in there too. Im going to add everybody who posted their usernames here.

    I dont talk too much though. I just follow people who are tech bloggers and designers where I got lots of information on a daily basis. They also talk about personal s*** every now and then though which I dont mind.
    04-13-08 01:23 AM
  20. username's Avatar
    Try using Tiny Twitter. Its a mobile twittering system just like Twitterberry. I like it better than the latter.
    04-13-08 01:24 AM
  21. xandrex#IM's Avatar
    What's really the difference between Twitterberry and Tiny Twitter? Not having a Berry quite yet, I don't know the pros and cons between the two. I've become quite a Twitter addict recently though, so having a proper Twitter client on day one of Berry-ownage is a must.

    Mostly I follow tech bloggers too, but also a few of my tech-savvy friends who do stuff like Twitter. Most of my friends are not smart enough to even know how to use Twitter, and they really wouldn't see the need to use it unless "everyone" was there. *eyeroll*
    04-13-08 01:27 AM
  22. username's Avatar
    I like the UI of Tiny Twitter more. When you get your berry, install both of them and see which you like best.
    04-13-08 01:29 AM
  23. Duvi's Avatar
    As sun stated, I use Tumblr. Whenever I get a chance, I'll check Twitter out.
    04-13-08 01:57 AM
  24. xandrex#IM's Avatar
    Tumblr and Twitter are a bit different, I think. Tumblr seems much more blog-like (but then again, I checked it out many a moon ago), while Twitter is very "this is what I'm doing right now".
    04-13-08 02:00 AM
  25. PrincessB's Avatar
    what exactly is Tumblr and Twitter??
    04-13-08 02:14 AM
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