12-17-08 09:32 PM
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  1. D Mobile's Avatar
    Yep, I got it.!!!! I was once pulling into the garage at work and turned around to go back home for my trusty companion. :-D
    04-17-08 03:12 PM
  2. Adlen's Avatar
    I got it bad. + Nosocomephobia.

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    04-17-08 05:09 PM
  3. daddybear's Avatar

    but you ask like its a PROBLEM...

    04-17-08 07:28 PM
  4. hst's Avatar
    I had it before I got my BB, now it is worse........
    04-18-08 11:22 AM
  5. mattburns9999's Avatar
    think so....where's my phone??? lol
    04-18-08 11:24 AM
  6. johnrm's Avatar
    Big time, unless I'm asleep of course. I'm not a very pleasant person when I'm woken from a deep sleep! Just ask my alarm clock!!
    04-18-08 12:13 PM
  7. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Yes.....but don't tell anyone
    04-18-08 12:27 PM
  8. chilledbeer's Avatar
    I see... Now I know the reason why I lug around two phones on me all the time...
    04-18-08 12:32 PM
  9. yogi's Avatar
    Nomophobia? who..me...yes I think so.
    04-18-08 05:10 PM
  10. BlitzedATL's Avatar
    I definitely do. The phone is with me everywhere I go even in bed. If I make it somewhere and realize I forgot my phone I will turn all the way around to go get. That doesn't happen often though since I'm using it constantly. LoL. The only time my phone goes into idle is when I'm sleeping LoL.

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    04-18-08 05:13 PM
  11. johnrm's Avatar
    Two phones??? Jeez. I have trouble managing all the stuff I'm doing on just one!!

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    04-18-08 05:14 PM
  12. Gypsy's Avatar
    ohhh yeah...i got that. but only as it relates to my bb addiction.
    I second that!
    04-18-08 05:29 PM
  13. gmergurltech's Avatar
    Oh yeah.... I have that.. and im proud of it
    04-19-08 03:02 AM
  14. brownieangel23's Avatar
    I'm sure i do, i lost my first bb and it was the worst 4 days of my life (it was hoilday season). Ever since then my phone is alway in my hand so i'm never without it

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    04-19-08 05:26 AM
  15. slim409's Avatar
    I'm getting close but let's just say I turn around and go back for it no matter where i'm going.
    04-20-08 01:22 PM
  16. OptiPrime's Avatar
    lol me too. i feel so vulnerable without my phone!
    04-20-08 01:41 PM
  17. agirl65's Avatar
    Yep, add me... I had no idea what it was like until I got my bb. If I forget it, I swear I can feel it. I too have turned around to go home to get it.
    04-20-08 01:42 PM
  18. EleventhHour2139's Avatar
    Me too, Ive only had my Pearl a little over a month but it really bothers me when Im not within arms reach of it. All I can say is thank the BlackBerry gods for the Seidio Skinned Holster lol, its with me everywhere now
    04-22-08 12:29 AM
  19. LVMHgirl's Avatar
    NO MObile PHOne.... oh yea BIA. LOL. sorry, ok im done.
    Yup. And the BIA is for the BI-ATCH I would become if I didn't have my BB! LOL!
    04-22-08 01:45 AM
  20. flairbrtndr3's Avatar
    I def have this, i went to the gas station the other day and forgot my bb at home and drove all the way home the other way to go get it before i went to starbuck for my gf she was confused when i got home with no starbucks and i told her i was going now i just forgot my bb lol
    04-22-08 02:15 AM
  21. Sandipan's Avatar
    Not yet....But with the BB am definitely getting there....
    04-22-08 03:38 AM
  22. carmenpilar's Avatar
    I guess I have nomphobia because I was visiting my sister and when I left I check my car and I couldn't fined my PearlieBaby...I went into panic mode, but then I found her and I kissed her, I even said I like you so much.. That's when I realize that I have it bad.. I have only had my Pearl for a week! What's going to happen to me.
    04-22-08 06:33 AM
  23. metro12's Avatar
    Add me too. I constantyl have my BB with me.
    04-29-08 09:05 PM
  24. BB7290grl74's Avatar
    Lol can I get on disability for that? I could stay home and BB all day!

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    04-29-08 09:20 PM
  25. shadygrady's Avatar
    omg i got this too! the list is getting longer
    04-29-08 09:23 PM
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