11-23-08 07:32 PM
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  1. jbjtkbw007's Avatar
    Sad part is that it wouldn't be so bad to post.....if they kept it all in the same thread. For example, have a thread for People lining up and they can all relate in there. Or, how long did you stand in line all in one thread. While it can be perceived as a pain to find a reply (um, that's what quoting is for), it's more efficient being in the same one post that you can even subscribe to vs. hanging out all day getting paid at a job while cruising a forum. You know, like I'm doing now.
    11-20-08 11:04 AM
  2. Blkbear's Avatar

    Airplane lives!
    11-20-08 04:24 PM
  3. pstereo's Avatar
    "hmmm yes, I'm here for the gangbang."
    11-20-08 05:32 PM
  4. Hi-Definition's Avatar
    Because it is getting ridiculously hard to find the posts where someone truely needs help. I am sure tons of questions are getting missed.
    This bares repeating.
    The one who can't spell and uses the word "bare" in the wrong context...is one to talk? Right. Give me a break.

    Actually; it's not those kinds of threads that irk me...it's the ones that ask for the PINs of extremely specific age groups. For example: "Where are all the 22 to 24 year old BB'ers at?", "47 to 53 years-old? Well post your PIN!!!".

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    11-20-08 05:40 PM
  5. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    The problem with this is that these posters would be upset if their thread was closed/deleted. I agree with you though. A large majority of the threads currently in the forum are completely useless and undermine the purpose of the thread.
    I agree with you as well...
    11-20-08 06:19 PM
  6. exelant's Avatar
    There, their, they're, lol. Spell checker won't get words misused.

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    11-20-08 11:54 PM
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    Sorry people but I have to disagree with the basic gripe of this
    thread. Yes this is a BlackBerry Forum, but guess what, not every
    BB user thinks of nothing but their phone every freakin' waking
    moment of their lives.

    What exactly is so bad about chatting with other users in your
    state, city or town. Or in your age bracket. Or in your
    profession. Or ....

    Lighten up a bit. Find the info you need, help when you can and
    if you want to sit in a Off-Topic or Social thread and just shoot
    the s%^t fine. If not also fine, but why begrudge people who
    actually enjoy a few moments of BB diversion.
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    11-21-08 12:30 AM
  8. exelant's Avatar
    ^Absolutely correct! What's the point of criticing others? If one isn't interested, don't go in there. Opinions are like...

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    11-21-08 10:53 AM
  9. UrbanD_Phx's Avatar
    I used to come here for useful Blackberry information...

    Now, Im just here for the mindless, redundant chatter, it makes me laugh.

    Oh and of course, the fights. Because an argument breaks out in almost EVERY thread.

    Comedy gold.
    lol - always - just got my popcorn out
    11-21-08 11:38 AM
  10. exelant's Avatar
    Hahaha, butter salt and a beer. People are so touchy anymore, and I am as bad as everyone else.

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    11-21-08 08:54 PM
  11. BuddyL's Avatar
    When all is said and done is it really necessary to have 4 Google Maps threads for the Storm? That's not counting the ones that say GPS.

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    11-22-08 12:38 AM
  12. vndlewis's Avatar
    It feels like this is no longer a BB forum. It is a storm only forum. God forbid you post and weren't getting one or now post and don't have one.

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    11-22-08 10:02 AM
  13. metalwraith's Avatar
    I'll dig out some popcorn for tonight to watch the postings.

    lol - always - just got my popcorn out
    11-22-08 10:31 AM
  14. BuddyL's Avatar
    IMHO, I'm reading the posts on this thread and you can see part of the problem is that a very big, but insular community is seeing a lot of new people come and joining in. While its great to see others with the addiction sharing their love, there is an obvious feeling among others that feel that they're not showing a certain respect to the format.

    All I can say to both sides of the issue is that eventually, with a little patience, in the long run we're going to have a bigger, stronger community. Or we're in for one long flame war. Lol

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    11-22-08 11:43 AM
  15. BlackBerryBob's Avatar
    It seems like I've seen 25 threads today" Podunk USA when u lining up" "BobsTown usa how many we getting" Is this really necessary?
    Hey hey - BobsTown USA is a great place to live. You got something against that!?

    Seriously people, this is an OFF TOPIC forum...
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    11-23-08 07:32 PM
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