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    I mean, when I look back at cars which were made in the 1950s, I know there were companies like Cadillac which made rear tail light fins as style, but it sure looks better than what modern day designers have to offer. Back then, a lot of people didn't care about what it looked like, they bought it for what it does, what features it has, how it can benefit them over another brand etc.

    Today, I find that a lot of companies (ESPECIALLY Peugeot) make their grilles look like smiles. Instead of appealing to me, I think it looks pretty damn s**t. Vauxhall Astra, Mercedes SL-Class, a lot of Mazda's line, Renault Clio they're more of a reason not to buy these crappy products. Although, I'd buy any of these cars if I was given the choice of choosing between them and the Anti-Christ BMW MINI. It's not a Mini, it's a German pile of crap.

    Volvo apparently makes its cars 'sexy', but I don't see their lorries/semis looking sexy and I'd rather buy a Volvo semi than one of their consumer cars.

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    07-01-11 04:02 AM
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    Aside from the first decade or so of the automobile, they've always gone for looks. It doesn't always make sense or look good looking back from the modern perspective, but they designed vehicles for what the populations of their day would want to buy.

    They still design for the majority today, which is why we have so many goofy looking cars. The majority of people today are goofy.
    07-01-11 04:19 AM
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    True point. Also, Buick made their bonnets in a pointy shape as did other companies if I'm not mistaken, but these designs in my opinion served more of a purpose that today's designs. I look at the latest Honda Civic's rear and see a design of hexagons. Does it serve a purpose? None. It'd be better off just being flat. I also see a lot of car's side grilles not even serving any purpose. The middle one is open for air to get to the radiator, but the rest does not; just plastic which has been moulded into so weird shape or design, probably causing more drag in the long run than simply not having them cut-outs in the first place. I'm not saying people should drive generic cars which look similar, but companies just go overboard with flashy designs. I notice than a lot of companies are turning to the design of pointy lights. Doesn't appeal to me.

    I even ask a lot of people why they want to buy/bought a car and almost all of them have to say something about how it looks good. Hardly any of them say how it benefits them. They even have the nerve to say my car is ugly, when my 1991 Mitsubishi GTO twin turbo has climate control, leather seats, 440bhp and has fog lights. These specifications are what I have over these people who comment on it. The best thing about it is that it costed me about the same price as their vehicles, a little over 5,500 including the tuning and new intercooler replacement.

    Not bashing people intentionally

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