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    Not sure how many people are interested in this or how much you have seen regarding it. Basically the internet in the UK is about to become locked down and limited with government control. The bill went through its final reading yesterday and is about to become law.

    Personally I am furious over this and the effect its going to have on UK economy, business and living in the UK in general. The internet was never created to have controls put in place but a place to share information and freedom of speech.

    I find myself living in a dictatorship that is getting worst day by day.

    If this was to come to America what would you guys do or say about it?
    04-08-10 07:39 AM
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    Digital Britain Digital Economy Bill

    Adding some links in this post.
    04-08-10 07:40 AM
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    they sneaked this one in without the general publics knowledge & those who were against it were completely ignored

    nearly everything on the net is comprised of something that's copyrighted. they gonna clamp down on tiny .gif images? i can understand trying to protect musicians work from bloggers who stole it, but most of the net has an 'open source' attitude, meaning that provided you are not profiting from someone elses work or passing it off as your own, it's [previously?] not worth the hassle protecting.

    it remains to be seen what they will actually do but from what i gather it mostly concerns music piracy so some of this is in fact a good thing. what producers need to start thinking of is actually putting out FREE stuff (promo, low grade material etc etc) on their OWN sites.... up until thus far, owners of intellectual property have been dangling their wares like carrots on a washing line & then some of them go crying because some of them were stolen? like i said, it remains to be seen how much clamping down & on what occurs, but i would say artists, photographers & the like might just stop putting their intellectual property in temptations way like they do now. they just need to find other ways of self promotion. but ofcourse, if your only way of doing this is by internet, you are stuffed! HOW, if you're a photographer, do you promote you're own material? you have to coax people out of their homes into art galleries, instead of looking on the net. it'll never happen, therefore, deep down, photographers posting on the web is really a hobby, not a business.

    i do think that some 'artists' (photographers?) are placing a price on their work that differs to what other people think it's worth, particularly when you could previously have it for free off the net. there are ways to stop images being easily dragged off pages in websites. there are also ways of moving music only after payment has been recieved. imo, it's up to the owner of said intellectual property to protect themselves against crime - just in the same way we do not leave our front door unlocked at night.

    in terms of music, i'd love to see the return of the record shop, you can't argue that downloads, legal or not, have killed off some shops.
    04-10-10 05:16 AM
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    apparently they were BULLIED into voting for this, or disciplinary actions taken


    (or tory, but first, DO NOT VOTE LABOUR)

    why the **** wern't we asked our views on this? referendum?

    it's good that they're protecting artists, but it's sledgehammer to crack a nut.

    these people know nowt about the things they're enforcing

    criminalising people for the **** of it (& making money out of it, no doubt)

    04-11-10 05:29 AM