1. buc whte's Avatar
    I will say that Tebow is an interesting story, sort of like the WWF was when I was 8. I don't really like Denver but I feel drawn to the tv to see if Tebow can really pull it off again offensively.

    What's your prediction for the game?
    01-12-12 06:57 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Much as Tebow would be a good story, come on now, this is New England, and Tom Brady! What do YOU think!
    01-12-12 08:28 PM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    I say New England but you know who is on Tebow's side. Is he really a quarterback? lol
    01-12-12 08:33 PM
  4. blueyestm's Avatar
    New England. Tebow isn't a true qb and won't be and his luck will run out this weekend.
    01-12-12 09:34 PM
  5. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Gator hater, and as much as I'd like to agree, Tebow is for real. Doubt they'll pull off an upset this weekend, but I think he's going to wow us for years to come.
    01-12-12 10:29 PM
  6. buc whte's Avatar
    I would like to see denver win only because I'm tired of brady. The thing about Tebow is that he could win the super bowl this year and he would still be questionable to be the starter for the forseeable future
    01-12-12 11:53 PM
  7. jlb21's Avatar
    My Pats will win 34-17.
    01-13-12 08:07 AM
  8. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Bronco's; like someone else said, you know who's on his (Tebow's) side.
    01-13-12 08:40 AM
  9. middbrew's Avatar
    The Pats are too good with too many weapons and the Broncos won't be able to keep up.
    01-13-12 08:19 PM
  10. FuzzyB's Avatar
    Tebow meets his maker Mr. Brady this week...party is over!

    Go Blue!
    01-14-12 10:41 AM
  11. duck383's Avatar
    Broncos, we gave them 21 points first game on turnovers different outcome today for sure
    01-14-12 11:02 AM
  12. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    New England. The way I see it God is on his last nerve with Tebow.
    That and Tom Brady is simply better.
    01-14-12 02:00 PM
  13. middbrew's Avatar
    Well, I guess we know the answer to that question now.
    01-15-12 09:06 AM
  14. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Well, I guess we know the answer to that question now.
    Yes, that God doesn't play fovorites.
    01-15-12 10:11 AM
  15. middbrew's Avatar
    Yes, that God doesn't play fovorites.
    Or maybe God likes Brady better than Tebow.
    01-16-12 09:54 AM