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    This may be a bit premature since the Adamo just recently launched, but does anybody have---or has anybody seen---comparison pictures of the Adamo with the 13" Macbook? Not the Macbook Air, mind you (those comparisons are fairly easily found, since Dell is clearly targeting the Air's market with the Adamo), the 13" unibody aluminum Macbook that came out just before the holiday season.

    I've already decided (based on my own needs and preferences---operating system really isn't a concern to me, since I'm not a power user with respect to either system, and I'm pretty ambivalent about my feelings toward both) that given the choice between the Adamo and a Macbook Air, I'd take the Adamo... but I'm curious to get a sense of how much the Macbook's extra 0.3" of thickness adds to it visually by comparison. Since the Macbook obviously nets much better tech specs for a lower price, if the difference in thickness isn't that much, I might go Macbook.
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