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    I was thinking about how defensive - and offensive - many people get when it comes to opinions, one-on-one dialogue about their phone or other device of choice.

    Georgia and Rene (perhaps others) have written/spoke from time to time about the 'tribal nature' of people, and that it is the sense of belonging to a community of users and enthusiasts that is at the heart of our irrational attachments.

    In a related way, I think the "user experience" factor comes into play. Not just the "experience" of interaction with the device, but how our experience and interactions with people and the world around us change because of the device.

    There is a "value" associated with how we feel about our choices and purchases - that's basically the whole point behind a "brand". When someone challenges our choices, they are in a way diminishing that intangible value. They are making the "experience" of the device undesirable or at least uncomfortable.

    I guess that in a way, we feel robbed of an intangible value - something we PAID FOR!! - when our choices are challenged or questioned.

    Random thoughts. What do you guys think about the brand loyalty phenomenon?
    09-10-14 02:21 PM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    Fascinating discussion on a fansite.

    It is a kind of tribalism. I think it also comes from a deep-seated fear of being seen as wrong. If I choose a brand, and commit to it, I may feel the need to defend that commitment or risk being seen as... deficient in some way.
    09-10-14 02:27 PM

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