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    My friend just called me yesterday and we talked the usual stuff, you know how ya doing, who ya doing, what else is going on. And than he mentioned that he had made it his life's personal mission to finally take control over his eating and exercise habits. After i congratulated him, i asked how he came to this decision, what exactly was that "thing" that pushed him to change. He mentioned just being tired of being tired, feeling like he was looked down upon by his peers, and frustrated from sleeping all time and still feeling exhausted. But he said the catalyst that set it all in motion came when he was just doing what he always does sittin on his *** watching the tube flippin channels and he landed on the biggest loser and was blown away by how these people were turning their lives around and at the same time realizing how grotesque their former human shells really were.

    Not totally buying it just yet, I than asked how he was going to "stay with it." He said it hasn't been an issue because there is a biggest loser club website where you can log in, create a profile and start a program to change diet and fitness habits, AND he says he uses his crackberry curve to do all his updates. I thought this was pretty awesome and wanted to share...

    Anybody else had their life changed by the biggest loser?
    09-09-08 02:11 PM