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    So seriously, what happened to Apple's EXCELLENT customer service??

    This is what happened:

    So one of my girlfriend's friends from work wanted to get her daughter a macbook, an iPod touch, and a printer for Christmas. While the whole buy a mac get an iPod thing was going on, she went ahead and called Apple and ordered it all over the phone.

    Now to prevent her daughter from seeing any of this stuff, she asked me if she could have it all shipped to my house and since she didn't have an e-mail, if she could give them mine to send the invoice and tracking info to. I said that was fine and gave her my e-mail.

    I said "Just give them my e-mail [email protected] and that's my Apple ID which has my address and info attached, tell them to use that info for shipping."

    Easy right?

    Not so much.

    Well, my girlfriend had to get her iPhone 3G replaced due to cracks, so I called and had them send a box. She got the phone back a few days ago.

    I went to register it on iTunes, and types in my apple id and password, then all of a sudden, my apple id has my friend's name and address linked to it?? WTF?!

    So I call Apple, they can't even find MY NAME.

    I am currently on hold STILL after being transferred to about 8 different people over the past 2 hours.

    We have so far deterred that they have no record of any of my apple products under my name, 3 of which have apple care plans I paid for. GREAT!

    Here's the list of what I have registered they can't even find:

    24" iMac (apple care too)
    13" MacBook (apple care too)
    16GB white iPhone 3G
    16GB white iPhone 3G
    8GB iPod touch (bought for my brother)
    4GB iPhone 1st gen (now used by family member)
    4GB iPhone 1st gen (now used by family member)
    4GB iPod Nano
    16GB iPod Touch (just ordered for myself for when I drop my iPhone 3G and pick up a Bold)

    That's quite a chunk of change for them to "lose record of"

    This better get sorted out....


    STILL on hold.
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    Dumb apple people. I figured out how to fix things myself online through my apple account. Ghey. I hung up on them.
    09-19-08 07:01 PM