1. targnik's Avatar
    Are you watching?

    Whom do you support?

    Do you know where it's being hosted?

    My team (one of the hosts) beat the other host nation last night...

    It was edge of the seat stuff ^^

    Go you Kiwi... Go!!

    02-28-15 12:15 PM
  2. Peter Johnson4's Avatar
    Keeping tabs on it. Served the Aussies right after Maxwell's choking gest. Good on ya' Kiwi's for showing up the b*****d for such unsportsmanlike conduct.

    I have to admit to being a little "old school" and I actually prefer test cricket to one day matches. A contemporary of Bradman, Tiger O'Reily (best leg spinner Australia ever had, yes, better than Warne) , lived across the street from my Grandparents and was a good friend. He called one day matches"pajama cricket" so I'm biased.

    Luck be with you.


    Posted via CB10
    03-01-15 02:49 PM

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