1. princess_porkchop's Avatar
    anyone else have this problem?

    12-10-08 12:16 PM
  2. cate's Avatar
    Well, my undergrad degree is complete - however, if CB was around then, I'd also be done.

    Study study study, lol.
    12-10-08 12:41 PM
  3. tholland85's Avatar
    Hit them nooks!

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    12-10-08 12:52 PM
  4. princess_porkchop's Avatar
    only 4 papers to go....
    12-10-08 08:42 PM
  5. JJFrigle's Avatar
    only 4 papers to go....
    GOOd LUCK!!!!!!!!!
    12-10-08 08:48 PM
  6. princess_porkchop's Avatar
    thank you!!
    12-10-08 10:18 PM
  7. errade's Avatar
    Oh god I know exactly how you feel! When I took my A-levels (exams needed to graduate from high school) I was TOTALLY addicted to this game called Ragnarok Online - I mean I genuinely played it all day and all night and there was this forums called eoff which I just used at every spare second. So I almost failed but got through on a technicality (yay!)

    Since then I went to and graduated from university and never played a computer game again...! These are the first forums I've allowed myself to become a regular on since... and I'm loving it Good luck on your papers!
    12-11-08 03:03 AM
  8. teal's Avatar
    I was lucky. When I went to college, I had a slide rule and that was hardly a distraction. :>).
    12-11-08 06:25 AM
  9. TheK9Cop's Avatar
    Yeah really, I totally agree that it will make someone fail. I'm in my sociology class going over things for my final in 1 week and I'm not even paying attention to it.

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    12-11-08 11:29 AM
  10. sam123gil's Avatar
    I have the site up and running from the moment I get to work. It's running inthe background and I check it every 10 minutes. I'm going to be FIRED. Maybe Kevin will hire me.
    12-11-08 11:35 AM
  11. Hi-Definition's Avatar
    As phenomenal as CrackBerry may be...it's not worth being the reason for someone to flunk out of school.

    Now are participating in countless toga parties a legitimate reason to flunk? Of course.

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    12-11-08 12:15 PM
  12. luvitlo's Avatar
    College is hard enough without distractions. Teachers told my brother video games was a good vent for stress when he wasn't studying, but he got addicted to online games and flunked. Bad part is instead of coming home he just skipped classes and lived in the dorm so now he owes the college.
    I dropped out of college after one semester, if I had it to do over again I probably still would buy just because I was offered a great job in management making well over the 30 thousand a year mark college grads are guaranteed. But I don't recommend dropping out I just got lucky.

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    12-12-08 04:34 AM
  13. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    When I was in college, back in the Dark Ages, anything that
    became a distraction to study I simply got rid of. Put your phone
    away and get what you (or someone) are paying for. An education.

    Good luck on your papers. Hope you do well on all of them.
    12-12-08 04:44 AM
  14. kalika69's Avatar
    In keeping with the lighthearted spirit, it will make me fail. I know I should be in bed so I can get up......but if I see the red light (no matter what hour of the day or night) I can't ignore it. And no I can't turn it off :-O That would be unthinkable!!!!!!
    12-12-08 04:52 PM