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    Hey everyone, I hope I'm not abusing this area of the forums by promoting people to listen to a song of mine. If I am, I will not be upset with a moderator taking this thread down.
    So I've been in the studio working on a song for a few days now. I finally got the mastered copy back. I think the song is going somewhere and fast.

    Take a listen and please post feedback. The link is

    The song is called "I'll Make It"
    J. Stone is first up, myself (Austin Rogers) second with Marka singing the hook. The music is compliments of Open Minds ENT.

    Please view, rate, subscribe, and give feedback. It's supposed to air on the local radio station tomorrow and is the hands of several more stations for review.

    I only chose to post here to let my fellow crackberry addicts have the first listens and get some feedback. I'll take feedback here and on youtube. This isn't a hit and run advertisement. I will respond to members who reply here as well.

    Humbley yours
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    04-30-11 10:33 PM
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    First off, voice is very good. Now the critique.

    The good:

    Vocals are dead solid perfect
    Timing and flow are very good.
    The rap "bridge" is absolutely amazing. That guys has got seriously amazing

    The bad:

    That intro is awful.
    The underlying music is repetitive to the point of being anemic.

    The ugly:

    No real need for the gratuitous profanity
    Entirely overproduced. Halfway through the song I suspect listeners will find the
    song, and it's message forgettable.

    Kudos to you though for putting it out. I wish you much success (Showcase
    your voice and skill instead of your engineeers )
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    04-30-11 10:46 PM
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    Yeah my verse was the fast one with the less gratuitous profanity. My apologies for not sharing the sensored version, albeit we probably could go for a word swap for the cursewords as opposed to bleeping or muffing them out. As far as the intro, the radio version it has been cut off (consider this version what would be on the album).
    As far as overproduced I'm not sure I agree but I'll consider it a possibility. Afterall I AM asking for your opinions and they all count as I stated.

    All in all Amazingly, thank you very kindly for the critique. I enjoyed the breakdown. I like thorough insight.
    04-30-11 11:11 PM
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    Just keep in mind, when I say "overproduced" I mean it is done to the point of
    distracting from your stellar vocal work. You did well and far be it from (who can
    not do what you do) to tell you how to go with it. As a listeners, I simply would
    have preferred a cleaner track where your voice and skill could shine.

    The way it plays now, your sound engineer upstaged (to great disservice) your talent. IMO

    At the end of the day though, I hope it is a MONSTER hit for you.
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    04-30-11 11:24 PM
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    I am humble to your opinion. I understand what you mean now though. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. The unmastered version wasn't clear enough for me so I had the producer bring me out on the track. If you heard the rough copy, you would cringe.
    I am not disatisfied with the outcome of the song though, considering I went to a studio in my small town. In a car stereo I don't think the song sounds so upstaged, although you may disagree. On computer speakers I can agree with you.
    04-30-11 11:33 PM
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    and I can't thank you enough for your pleasant and honest review. Thank you again
    04-30-11 11:34 PM
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    I agree that the sheer volume of the music totally drenches the vocals, almost to the point distraction. Needs to be scaled back, with some shift or change to make it more stimulating to the ear.

    Some musical adjustments that enhance to vocals rather than drown them, I can see this going somewhere.

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    04-30-11 11:47 PM
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    Thank you BergerKing. I appreciate the time to review my song. I'll consider all of this when recording my next track guys. Thanks.
    05-01-11 12:02 AM
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    Does anyone else have any thoughts or insights? I love feedback
    05-01-11 10:59 AM
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    I gave a special shout out on the video to crackberry.com in one of the caption bubbles. go...go...go...go crackberry, its yer birfday!
    Seriously, I mean it as a thanks to all of you here at CB and especially those who take the time to view, comment, subscribe and/or like the video with a thumbs up. Do as you see fit. Thank you guys!
    05-02-11 09:14 PM