05-24-15 03:42 AM
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    [YT]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1tj2zJ2Wvg&feature=results_video&playnext =1&list=PL4B4DB22F137C3FB3[/YT]

    I'm reminiscing about my college days, since GN'R is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, sans Axl (Axl being Axl, like always).

    GN'R was my favorite when I was in college in the late 80s.
    04-13-12 12:52 AM
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    04-13-12 01:12 AM
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    im listening to adele right now!

    04-13-12 02:25 AM
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    05-03-12 08:03 PM
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    Heard this today, and loved it:


    05-04-12 10:57 PM
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    Here's one of the first songs I learnt to play, a long, long, time ago, but I'll never be able to do it like this, enjoy!
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    05-05-12 04:21 PM
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    05-09-12 08:15 PM
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    05-09-12 08:23 PM
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    Lookin' for a good time when in Dallas.........


    Dodging bricks, bullets, and baseballs from the blonde bombshell.
    05-11-12 04:01 PM
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    Great song. Thanks for sharing.
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    05-11-12 11:55 PM
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    End of an era, and a beautiful icon RIP sister.

    12/31/48 - 5/17/12
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    05-17-12 11:28 AM
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    05-17-12 02:04 PM
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    To this day I think the intro to this song is beautiful written and sung.
    My all time favorite DS song.R.I.P Donna Summer.

    On The Radio

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    05-17-12 11:16 PM
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    05-19-12 09:22 PM
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    05-20-12 06:19 AM
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    05-20-12 06:31 AM
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    [YT]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ihs-vT9T3Q[/YT] RIP, Robin Gibb.
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    05-21-12 12:02 AM
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    05-21-12 12:07 AM
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    05-21-12 12:10 AM
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    Two of my favorite galls sagnin' an old favorite

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    05-21-12 06:18 PM
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    For us gently aged guys and galls looks like ol' Dave might be welding in a muffler shop for a living these days, 'till ya hear him.

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    05-23-12 10:39 PM
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    Bob Dylan wrote it, Dave Mason hit it, but nobody, and I mean nobody owns it like Hendrix....

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    05-24-12 05:51 AM
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    That was also a brilliant montage

    This however short, is one of my favorite pieces of music ever

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    05-25-12 08:36 PM
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    Thank you to everyone who has served our country, and to all whose family and friends have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

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    05-25-12 11:41 PM
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    05-26-12 10:20 PM
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