03-04-12 07:13 PM
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  1. lishan's Avatar
    Question of the day for 11/5/07. I run in a circle with several promoters here in the Charlotte, NC area. While out promoting with them, I often run into some of the area professional football players out and about at bars, clubs, etc. I don't see anything wrong with that, except for when I see you out drinking (heavily) on Thursday AND Friday, and then your team loses on Sunday, and your performance was sub-par. So, here's the question: Should professional athletes have some type of mandatory curfew for the days immediately preceeding a game?
    Yes! College players do, because most athletes don't have any sense and it will affect performance. Here in Orlando, Shaq is already hanging around grab-assing , drunk and still can't make a free throw!
    Just my opinion..
    11-05-07 12:01 AM
  2. Macgyver3000's Avatar
    Good morning all! Its Monday my day off and I still gotta get up early as h e double hockey sticks. Imma be at home all day chillaxin tryna recover from last nights game! Imma need a lot of BB hugs so hit me up if you've got a second! But we will meet again and we got them tapes to study and we gonna get it right next time go Colts!
    11-05-07 05:45 AM
  3. yeager4130's Avatar
    11-05-07 07:06 AM
  4. yeager4130's Avatar
    #1Yeager I must swallow my pride and bow down!!! On second thought u can still kiss my @ss!! LOL Drinks for Yeager r on me 4 the rest of the season!!!!

    Lets go EAGLES!!!!!
    #2 Congrats yeager you were right and I was wrong. The pats aren't gay and don't p sitting down they are great.
    #3 Ok yeager you were right the pats did win. You know your stuff. As of this moment. Only gay pat fans drink freely. Lol. One last jab at you my friend.

    I believe my work is done here.EXITING WITH MY Best Vincent Price laugh.
    11-05-07 07:17 AM
  5. Crackberry Pimp's Avatar
    Morning all! That's right Mac GoOOO Colts! And as for the question of the day these athletes are adults. The should have their priorities straight, especially if they suck at shooting free throws! BRICK!

    Mandatory curfews for the days immediately preceeding a game for the losing team.........I like it! YOu make XX Millions of dollars but you lost the Game! YOu have to be home by dark and VIdeo GamEs! LOL!
    11-05-07 07:17 AM
  6. Crackberry Pimp's Avatar
    Yeager please! NO More! I NeeD about 5 Shots of Jack lIke YesteRday!
    11-05-07 07:19 AM
  7. yeager4130's Avatar
    Dawg You have no Idea WHAT'S about to happen to Renegade and Berrywhite this morning.
    11-05-07 07:23 AM
  8. yeager4130's Avatar
    Just In case any of you haters would like to pick up a Jersey of a real team here is the link for ya.Tell them Yeager sent ya so they can charge yo the extra 7% sales tax
    Official Patriots ProShop - JERSEYS
    11-05-07 07:28 AM
  9. Macgyver3000's Avatar
    i mean really Yea its not like the Pats kicked our butts or nothing a win is a win we all know that so it coo! All and all it was a great game both teams played their butts off so congrats to all!
    11-05-07 07:50 AM
  10. renegade37918's Avatar
    well well well what the heck is that a pats fan in the club.. the sun shined on you in the fourth and now you feel good. well enjoy enjoy your sunshine it wont last long.. to everyone else i say good morning and have a wonderful day...
    11-05-07 07:52 AM
  11. Macgyver3000's Avatar
    Good morning Ren!
    11-05-07 08:05 AM
  12. Crackberry Pimp's Avatar
    Good morning Ren!
    11-05-07 09:02 AM
  13. renegade37918's Avatar
    Now I am teed off just came in from beyonc and I see gay pats pics on my berry. Wth? Its Monday the week has begun. Mourning CB and macboo drink freely.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    11-05-07 10:21 AM
  14. Philip.Massey's Avatar
    I don't know why you havent accepted my BB Messenger request yet
    11-05-07 10:39 AM
  15. yeager4130's Avatar
    First off I never said we were gonna smash the colts.Never said the Pats were gonna stomp the colts.Not even a small spanking.I said the Pats were gonna win period.whether its 20 points or 1 point a win is a win.Deal with it.Undefeated Deal with it.Hate on But Deal with it.Now It feels great to have a whole room walking around sad,mad like someone just stole there ice cream cone.BOO HOO We went through this over the Sox Need we move on to the NBA now?We can go on week after week if you like Either way the Pats will keep walkin away on top.
    11-05-07 11:02 AM
  16. EdieGirl's Avatar
    Good morning everyone! Ren, haven't seen you on BB msnger....you still around or did I not make the cut on yer friends list? :P
    11-05-07 11:06 AM
  17. yeager4130's Avatar
    Oh yeah this is for last week I forgot about this one..RENEGADE your in the line of fire playahhhhh.Even thou you don't like baseball
    11-05-07 11:10 AM
  18. bassthumpa's Avatar
    Sup people!
    11-05-07 11:34 AM
  19. yeager4130's Avatar
    ok i'm done now.feel free to come back in the room Ren.
    11-05-07 11:49 AM
  20. Adrian's Avatar
    What's up everybody? Y'all have a lot going on in here today. Everybody is walking around looking like zombies all up in through here...well, except for Yeager. It'll all be good. It's not like the Colts had a BAD game. Y'all could be Panthers fans, like me, and STILL be ashamed of that @ss-whooping that we were served yesterday. Drinks all around for everyone...on me! (I don't care if it is Monday afternoon.) Double shots for all!

    Bass -- what up, dude?

    Yeager -- congrats

    Edie -- what up, ma? ain't seen you here in a minute; did we scare you away when we tried to get you up on that pole while Ms V was on vacation (sorry!)

    Mikal -- glad to see that you decided to come over and visit the club; who won't accept your BB messenger request? there are some shady folk around here

    Ren -- what up, man? get off them pillows and perk yourself up!

    CBP -- what up, pimp? have all the shots you want; they're on me

    Mac3000 -- hey there, suga mama! what's good? why are you up early? the salon is closed today. p.s. - i'm thinking about trading the Bimmer in for a suburban - wait, scratch that; ima trade the envoy in for a suburban

    Ms V -- my girl, where are you? i know you claim to be at work, but don't you make more money here on stage 2 than at your real 9 to 5? get at me. miss ya!

    Alright, the personal greetings are now over. I'll be at the bar on that Grey Goose & Hypnotiq.
    11-05-07 11:55 AM
  21. Crackberry Pimp's Avatar
    What's good Adrian.
    11-05-07 12:18 PM
  22. EdieGirl's Avatar
    Adrian! Not even :P I have to be careful and pace myself when it comes to forums if not I'll be hooked on them and get in trouble at work. Especially with you guys around! My status would definetely shoot up to abuser :P
    11-05-07 12:21 PM
  23. venesiasanders's Avatar
    HA! You aint gonna become no abuser up in here.....ok, i'm not even gonna get started this morning!
    11-05-07 12:33 PM
  24. EdieGirl's Avatar
    11-05-07 12:34 PM
  25. venesiasanders's Avatar
    You haven't seen the new guidelines sweetie Off-topic posts dont count anymore...
    11-05-07 12:35 PM
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