03-04-12 07:13 PM
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  1. venesiasanders's Avatar
    Nothing Ms. V can't handle! Believe that!!!

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    10-30-07 12:50 PM
  2. brokenartist's Avatar
    1/2 off lapdances? where do i sign up
    10-30-07 12:58 PM
  3. yeager4130's Avatar
    Lapdances bring them on ladies.....woo hoooooooo.move Ren im first
    10-30-07 01:09 PM
  4. renegade37918's Avatar
    I don't want any. I want my boo in the boom boom room.

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    10-30-07 01:11 PM
  5. venesiasanders's Avatar
    Sign-up sheet next to the chicken wings!

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    10-30-07 01:15 PM
  6. Crackberry Pimp's Avatar
    I ate the wings! OOOH! NO dances for me!
    10-30-07 01:20 PM
  7. Chrisnatious's Avatar
    Wings with bleu cheese..

    grey goose and cranberry juice


    we'll see where im at after a few of the grey gooses...
    10-30-07 01:26 PM
  8. Macgyver3000's Avatar
    The playas club is jumping today I hope we can keep this going all day
    10-30-07 01:57 PM
  9. Crackberry Pimp's Avatar
    A couple of shots of pepto and I'll be ight!
    10-30-07 02:03 PM
  10. Adrian's Avatar
    Mac3k -- I know you've got a private show going on, but I'm gonna be peeping in the window. Please don't hit me with one of your arms; I know you know how to use 'em. When your show is over, meet me by the back entrance. Ta dow, watch out now! By the way, where is Barbie? She's missing all the fun!

    E-Lover -- That goose and 'hypno-tini is off the chain, ain't it? Next time, tell Ren to add a little grenadine to it.

    Ren -- Ima have to let you keep that bayou food to yourself. I don't go down to the delta for nobody!! And where is that shipment of Absolut New Orleans? That's the only bayou-related item I want.

    Ms. V -- I see ya, baby! You look tired up there on that stage. I got the rest of your supplies: a golf ball, a miniature flashlight, an empty Corona bottle, and some hair grease. Ima run to the bank in a minute and get some singles so I can make change for the customers. When I get back, let me get two back to back dances.

    Chris -- Man up and get off that cranberry juice. Here, take one of these grey goose and hypnotiq's.

    Yeager and Broken -- We have a strict no-touching the dancers rule in this club, unless your name is Ren or Adrian.

    CB Pimp -- Those wings will get you every time. There's a plunger and some spray in the last stall.

    Holla at your boy!!!
    10-30-07 02:08 PM
  11. Adrian's Avatar
    Jazzy, where are you?!?!
    10-30-07 02:13 PM
  12. Macgyver3000's Avatar
    Lmao! Adrian you're gonna have to ask Ren if you can peek in I doubt he'll let you but let me tell ya it worth a try! Somebody put a flick on for 30 minutes so V can rest her legs and hose off! There is a tums machine in the restroom for all you guys who ate to many wings! Ren I need that double jager shot like yesterday!
    10-30-07 02:19 PM
  13. Jazzy519's Avatar
    WOW!!!! The PC is off the chain today!! Ya'll wildin' out, and so early in the day! I don't know how long I will be able to stay, cuz I'm sluggish right now! Looks like errybody in the club is having a better Tuesday than Jazzy!!

    Mac is cookin already, got V on stage and it's still daylight out, people sippin on Goose and Cran, Adrian tryin' to get people drunk off the Goose-Notiq tini's....and it ain't even happy hour yet!!

    Well I just stuck my head in for a minute to see what was poppin up in here, but since I'm not in the right frame of mind (@ 3:19pm), I'll be back later. I don't wanna mess up the vibe ya'll got goin' on right now.

    I need to drink a Red Bull to get my energy up, before I return.
    10-30-07 02:21 PM
  14. dlnmorrow's Avatar
    Most definitely is!!
    Oh dang someone get CBP some pepto!
    How can I get into the boom boom room?
    10-30-07 02:23 PM
  15. Jazzy519's Avatar
    Oh and Mac, not only are you cookin' but makin reservations for the bb room!! I can't mess with you and that Jager! and further, I can't mess with you and Ren, ya'll two are off the heezy fo sheezy!

    We gotta get V a new gig!! or some help, one or the other! She's pullin too many hours!!!!!! Now I see why she's unavailable on BB msngr! and foolish me, I thought she was at her real job
    10-30-07 02:25 PM
  16. renegade37918's Avatar
    Okok. Babe. Ummm if I can get out of your leg lock. All this loving and u need a drink.

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    10-30-07 02:29 PM
  17. Adrian's Avatar
    Most definitely is!!
    Oh dang someone get CBP some pepto!
    How can I get into the boom boom room?
    Hey, easy now! Slow that down! Save some of that for later!! You can't just get into the boom boom room. You have to work your way up the ladder...or should I say, up the pole. Do you know how long it took for Mac3k to get the boom boom room on lock? Why do you think Ms V is working so hard on stages 1 and 2? Over there popping, locking, and dropping, and swinging from pole to pole. What I'm trying to say, E-Lover, is that you've gotta put in some work before you can get to the boom boom room. I'm just saying -- rules are rules!
    10-30-07 02:32 PM
  18. renegade37918's Avatar
    I don't like nesia on the pole she's too classy to be shaking body parts for dimes.

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    10-30-07 02:43 PM
  19. Macgyver3000's Avatar
    All right to the Boom boom room are Rens when I am in the house and he says who gets the room for the night! Adri is the regulator and he's right you gotta earn the boom boom room status! Holla back when you're a CB abuser! Lmao. We got mad love for you but rules are rules!
    10-30-07 02:46 PM
  20. venesiasanders's Avatar
    I don't need no break!!! I drink Rockstar baby...cause I'm a rockstar baby!!!

    Cash rules everything around me CREAM get the money dolla dolla bill yall!!!

    M.I.A.M.I - Money is a major issue!!

    Don't get too close to the stage if u aint tippin cause Shawty is the Shiiiii...T

    Ima have everybody in this muthamutha sangin....I'm in love with a stripper!!!!!!

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    10-30-07 02:46 PM
  21. renegade37918's Avatar
    Sorry to change the flow but can we all say a prayer for dubya's grandson. Ty prayer changes thing and her fam needs them right now. Sorry. I. Love children and its laying on my heart. Ty.

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    10-30-07 02:47 PM
  22. dlnmorrow's Avatar
    OK where do I start?
    10-30-07 02:49 PM
  23. venesiasanders's Avatar
    OK...u can call me exotic dancer if that sounds more classy!! But keep slangin them dollars!! I gotta pay my Farrari note and catch this sale at Macy's tonight!!!

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    10-30-07 02:52 PM
  24. venesiasanders's Avatar
    Special prayer out to Dubya and her grandson....HE Will make a way!! Stay Prayerful!!

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    10-30-07 02:55 PM
  25. Jazzy519's Avatar
    Yes, definitely prayers for Dub's grandson. I got caught up in all this other madness that I forgot that she requested that of the patrons of the players club.

    I know she will report back to us with nothing but good news about her grandson! because we prayed!! and it DOES change things!

    OK..now that official business has been handled......................................

    Carry on with the madness that is the PLAYERS CLUB!
    10-30-07 03:05 PM
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