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    Apparently I've got a lot of reading to do...
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    New Year's Miracle

    New Year's Eve going into 1998 was like many I've seen. The road was fairly open, tires a'humming, and the day was gray with low clouds, promising snow that night.

    I was traveling I-55 south, in the Missouri bootheel, just below Matthews. Music was playing softly in the background, and the chatter of the CB was a friendly banter due to the holiday.

    About a mile ahead, I saw a sudden flurry of activity, brake lights flashing, smoke blasting up into the air, and cars swerving all over the road.

    I clicked my 4-way flashers and started backing down, and the scene slowly became clear. 2 cars were resting on the road, one dented up pretty badly, the other, a Mercury Lynx, was sitting in the right lane, and a semi-tanker had crossed through the median, into a field,ending up perpendicular to the highway, smoke coming from the right side of the tractor's front.

    The shredded rubber told the tale, a steer tire blowout!

    The driver had come blazing past me (I was doing 70) and barrelled on ahead a few minutes before. I remembered him mainly because of his speed.

    As he'd started to pass the Lynx, he was riding the bumper of a gray Crown Victoria, and the tire blew, causing a rapid series of bad things to happen very quickly.

    The driver of the car was rear-ended when he hit the brakes at the sound of the exploding tire, and was knocked aside like a fly as 4500 gallons of gasoline pulled the swerving rig to the right, driver fighting for control.

    The truck went from the left lane onto the right shoulder, driver doing all he could to stop the roll, which would be extremely deadly to anyone at the scene.

    He over-corrected, and hit the Lynx, completely stripping the sheet metal from the passenger side of the car as if peeling a blue banana, exploding glass like a spray of diamonds across the wet pavement

    He went completely across all four lanes, narrowly avoiding a bus of senior gamblers heading for one of the St. Louis, Mo. casinos. His truck stood upright, though, breathing steam and fluids like a wounded elephant.

    I came to a stop within a few yards of the scene, cars were backing up behind it already. I bailed with my emergency kit, and noted that the occupants of the Crown Vic were ok, but the Lynx was a mess. I went to that vehicle, finding that it was a carful of octogenarians. The passenger in front was cut up seriously, but not critically. The rear passengers were banged up a little, but were ok.

    I shouted to a motorist, a kid about 19, and told him to grab a blanket out of my sleeper. He gave me a blank look, and the military came back to me, and I barked the order in my best command voice!

    He turned and jumped up in my truck as I helped the driver and passengers out of the car, except for the elderly women, who despite her coffee toned skin, was becoming very pale. My emergency first-aid training told me she was going into shock.

    As the kid brought me a blanket, I ran around and reached in, pulling the door handle on the inside, and had the kid help me yank it open. I explained to her that I needed to lower her seatback, and then applied a compress to her bleeding arm, the gash for which was 2" long and quite deep.

    She talked to me all the while, and I eased her back, and elevated her legs up to the dashboard, supporting them with a suitcase I'd had the driver get out of the trunk. I covered her with the blanket to keep her warm, and kept her focused on anything but the pain.

    It was a tense 10 minutes until the paramedics arrived. I'd learned from her that she was just on her way home from the hospital after 3 weeks due to surgery. She actually laughed when I said she was going back again, and she said, "Well I'll be damned!".

    I laughed, and told her not quite, but it'll probably feel that way!

    The paramedics took over, and I grasped her hand for a moment, telling her I was putting her in professional hands for now.

    I turned to go to my truck, stepped up, put away my stuff, and wrote a quick statement and diagram out for the arriving troopers of what I'd seen.

    I drove away from the scene after the officers and paramedics gave me a quick thanks, and the highway beckoned once again, the white lines marking the time as it always has for me.

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    I missed this back in June when you started it. Glad I found it tonight.
    Good writing BK. To me a good story is one where the words paint the pictures in my mind, thus the story engages me as a reader.

    If I was your teacher in school, I would definitely put one of these on your work after I graded it:
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    I got my shoestring caught in an escelator at the mall today & almost died.
    The end.

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    Sung to the tune of 'Windy' by The Association.

    What's peekin' out from under tomato?
    Calling my name from in between bread.
    What tastes so good with a spoonful of mayo?
    Everyone knows it's Bacon.

    What smells so good that comes from a piggy?
    Smoked n'crisp and surely to please.
    What's reachin' out and temptin' our tummy?
    Everyone knows it's Bacon!

    And Bacon makes us just sigh.
    And it can just glaze our eyes.
    And Bacon goes to our thighs!

    It makes them round(puts on the pounds)
    And do we care(why should we care?)
    Fry up a pound(I love that sound!)

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    Excellent stories.
    Mine aren't nearly as exciting.
    "School, more school, get married, have a kid, more school" lol

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    I sweetly asked you to give me some.
    You kindly offered me a threesome.
    The dishes, the laundry,
    Made my feel so ornery,
    But the only lawn I can mow's out in the sun!

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    "There once was man from Nantucket...."
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