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    It's not a matter of "Growing a set", and it's not stupidity. Not only is every member here at a different Blackberry level, each is also at a different level at using forums. I really don't see a problem with recommending to someone to attempt a search, but I don't see a need to only reply with "use the search function" and not try to answer the question. Most of the repeat questions are easy to post a link for or just answer outright. Let's at least make an attempt to keep these forums as friendly at 200,000+ members as it was at 15,000 when I joined. We want (or it should be everyone's goal) CrackBerry to stay the friendliest, most knowledeable, and largest blackberry forum on the web.

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    Ok, Chaz. I apologize for being an *SS. The reason I joined Crackberry in the first place, was because people were so friendly. I will check my attitude at the door from now on.

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    Maybe its just me but as of late the atmosphere here on crackberry has started to become rather rude and unwelcoming. What happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all"? Come on guys! Stop jumping down eachothers throats at every little thing! Stop being rude to newbies who ask a question that has been answered a million times before! Remeber when you were new to blackberry and I'm sure had to ask some "silly" question? All of us who are more knowledgeable with our devices should be happy to help others less knowledgeable. That is what the forums are for. Let's all just chill out relax and help eachother. I'm no angel when it comes to cb.com believe me! But I think we all have to just take a step back chillax a little and go with the flow. My 2 cents. Take it for what its worth.

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    I agree, and I think(hope) the majority of my post reflect that non-combative attitude. I have snapped back at a few and cut it off so that we're not having a running flame battle. I started watching a few of the members post. IMO(ok?), sometimes a smiley face or a weak disclaimer does not help matters after member has just called someone dumb, *****, stupidazz, had to answer a question , or someone disagreed with that member.

    The sad part, some members become conditioned to pm or BBM certain members for help so that their not embarrassed by a few forum bullies - which is total BS and should be reported by those members. I'll be the first to admit, prior to October (when I purchased my 1st berry), I didn't know anything about using a Blackberry. But, I have picked up a lot information and still learning as I go. What's cool about having a Blackberry is that you don't have to be an expert to enjoy it, utilize it for work, for business, or to help others.

    CrackBerry is a forum for "all" members and everyone is entitled to their opinion - within reason and the rules.
    07-03-08 03:32 PM
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    people have a tendency to grow big balls when they can hide behind a computer screen or blackberry LOL other than that, people being down right rude or disrespectful on the net shouldn't be taken to heart, now if they act like that in public than they just need a swift kick to the arse lol
    07-03-08 03:57 PM
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    Well, I've seen a turnaround the last few days--at least on the help threads there's a lot more help then there is bullying.

    then again... its all about how you put YOUR attitudes and emotions into someone else's posts...
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    I am not trying to start trouble or condoning rude behavior on CB but I felt this was worth mentioning. I found this thread just now and I think it is an example of how it's not just the people that have been around awhile that are culprits.
    Certainly seeing others behaving in an impolite manner will only keep the cycle going, but I have seen plenty of examples of rude behavior from "Newbies" as well.

    Now of course, two wrongs don't make a right....
    07-03-08 04:53 PM
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    I am pretty new, but I'm starting to figure some things out. I have noticed in the last day or so there's been several cool threads started - with people being nice or funny, and people here can be really funny.

    I started a thread that was about a BB birthday present. I did want advice but I also hoped people would have fun with it. There were/are some great lines there - along with people who obviously like each other playing around.There's also a thread thanking Chaz.

    I think there's mostly good here. I'm going to continue to be nice and try to be funny and learn a bunch of new things - and mabe make a friend or two. I don't think the overall feeling is bad.

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    07-03-08 09:20 PM
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