08-06-14 04:35 PM
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  1. pkcable's Avatar
    some more from me........

    01-01-12 08:18 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    And then........

    01-01-12 08:22 PM
  3. john_v's Avatar
    Rich are you going to the Winter Classic tomorrow?
    01-01-12 08:31 PM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    Rich are you going to the Winter Classic tomorrow?
    Nope, I'm in upstate NY. That first picture was from Glens Falls, the home of the AHL Phantoms, Flyers farm team. I was at the NYE game against their arch rival Albany Devils. I won't be home till tuesday. However, i DO have tickets to the Outdoor Classic, the Phantoms vs the Hershey Bears at CBP and I will take pictures.
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    01-01-12 08:46 PM
  5. john_v's Avatar
    Gulf of Mexico

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    01-12-12 09:22 AM
  6. SaMaster14's Avatar
    too many to post, so I made a couple of video slideshows.

    Here's the link to the CB thread:

    (Watch in HD )
    01-12-12 06:12 PM
  7. john_v's Avatar
    Not sure how this will look but it looks cool on my phone

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    01-21-12 06:55 PM
  8. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    Awesome photos, thanks for sharing!
    01-21-12 09:31 PM
  9. john_v's Avatar
    The panoramic pictures were taken with an app call Pano...takes the pics and stitches them right on your phone. Pretty cool

    01-22-12 08:56 AM
  10. pkcable's Avatar
    Was that a Wolves game???? Anyways here is a few hockey pictures, it's me in my brand new jersey (Philadelphia Blazers - Philadelphia Blazers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), and a few pictures from the Flyers/Islanders game I went to on Tuesday.

    02-09-12 03:18 PM
  11. pkcable's Avatar

    As you can probably tell I had some pretty good seats! I will post some pictures on Sunday after the Tenton Titans (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trenton_Titans) game I'm attending.
    02-09-12 03:19 PM
  12. john_v's Avatar
    Was that a Wolves game????
    Yepp...it was. The problem was they were playing the Rockford Icehogs, which meant...yep PK, you would know this, essentially it was Vancouver vs. Blackhawks. I had no problem being in the approximately half of the crowd that was cheering for the visitors. Plus the wolves were wearing purple jerseys for a cancer benefit (which is good in and of itself), so between not being used to purple and the Icehogs jerseys looking very similar to the Blackhawks road jerseys, well, I cheered every time the visitors scored. And of course we just missed seeing Jimmy Hayes...he was with Chicago at the time, and was sent back down right after that.

    02-09-12 03:28 PM
  13. pkcable's Avatar
    As promised here are the Trenton Titans game pictures. If you look REAL close you will see #52 of the Elmira Jackals, who you might recognize as Craig Rivet, former NHLer, who played most notably for the Montreal Canadiens. There are a couple brothers of NHLers playing also.

    02-15-12 01:44 PM
  14. pkcable's Avatar
    02-15-12 01:46 PM
  15. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    Tri-tip with garlic fries from Tex Wasabi's, one of Guy Fieri's restaurants. Taken with PlayBook in poor lighting.

    02-16-12 02:37 AM
  16. pkcable's Avatar
    Tri-tip with garlic fries from Tex Wasabi's, one of Guy Fieri's restaurants. Taken with PlayBook in poor lighting.

    Click to view quoted image
    You made me hungry!
    02-16-12 08:03 AM
  17. john_v's Avatar
    @Rich - however did you manage those great seats in such a packed arena?

    @ScionicMan - Great looking sandwich...Now I'm hungry and it's only 8:30am
    02-16-12 08:31 AM
  18. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Time of some catch up pics......

    First a few from our Iowa trip.

    Two Brothers Brewery at the famous Roundhouse

    02-16-12 09:29 AM
  19. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Some shots around town.....

    Coolest Cheesecake Factory interior I've seen yet

    The Chicago Water Tower

    Inside the pumping station. Only building to survive "the fire"

    Spiral staircase in the Museum of Contemporary Art

    02-16-12 09:33 AM
  20. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Holocaust Museum, which words cannot do justice

    Rosemont University

    We tried to catch the northern lights a few weeks ago. Couldn't see any, but I found an awesome lighthouse in Racine.

    What's cool pics without food?

    Chimney Cakes

    Repackage, remarket

    Dinner at Kumas

    02-16-12 09:41 AM
  21. BigBadWulf's Avatar

    Duck, duck, squid

    02-16-12 09:44 AM
  22. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Frank Lloyd Wright Museum and neighborhood.

    02-16-12 09:48 AM
  23. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Gene and Jude's

    Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee

    Milwaukee Art Museum

    More food!

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    02-16-12 09:51 AM
  24. Eli_B's Avatar
    Here are some cool pics that I took at the Brooklyn Museum this past Sunday:

    02-16-12 11:03 AM
  25. john_v's Avatar
    [B][COLOR=#000066]Gene and Jude's
    Now thats what I'm talkin' about!
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    02-19-12 01:48 PM
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