1. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    I love cooking on the grill. I will be grilling just about every weekend through the summer and at least 1 time a month throughout the rest of the year. Here is a nice little picture

    Pork ribs slow cooked over wood with home made BBQ sauce.

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    04-11-09 07:02 PM
  2. Username0223's Avatar
    Hey Sith-im with ya on that! When the weather warms up more I'll be grillin at least 3 times wkly plus the weekends!! I love this time of year-but I also love the way bbq smells in the middle of winter with the cold crisp air too!! Happy grillin!!

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    04-11-09 07:12 PM
  3. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    I will post pics soon, serious BBQ'r here. I smoke ribs with apple or cherry wood, hickory for chicken, or i do a blend. It's taken me years to get it all down, i learned from southern people how to smoke, use vinegar, etc...
    04-11-09 07:16 PM
  4. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Smoking brings some good flavors to food, but you cant beat a nice BBQ IMO. It took me over 10 years to get my sauce just right and I get nothing but rave reviews
    04-11-09 07:20 PM
  5. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I am a smoking servant, I just can't control myself. I love the smell, and I love to eat.
    04-12-09 02:32 AM