12-08-08 09:11 PM
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  1. omegalite591's Avatar
    Ok after finding out that with holding the BB Key it takes you to the App switcher, What do you use your convenience key for?
    Im just looking for some practical ideas...
    12-08-08 12:02 PM
  2. xan8470's Avatar
    I have one set to my call log and the other set to show/hide the keyboard.
    12-08-08 12:09 PM
  3. ThirstyTurtle's Avatar
    I use the left one for "Keyboard Lock" and the right one for "Video Camera" with the flashlight on on my Bold.

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    12-08-08 01:48 PM
  4. quantolf's Avatar
    well mine are tailored to my usage....with that in mind

    i have the right one set to Media so that i can access my music, camera, and video camera all from there. albeit not as fast as just setting it to camera or video camera i think the time it takes from going to media to pictures to camera is negligible.

    the left side i have set to Memo. easy access to notes, something that i use a lot and makes me more prone to use it. more written down = less forgotten = more left button clicks = more written down...oh dear i believe i've already said that.

    i suggest finding what you use most often on your storm and then trying it out for a few days and if that doesn't work for you try something else. you'll eventually find your fit.
    12-08-08 01:51 PM
  5. deanabmf's Avatar
    Left side "contacts"...right side "manage connections" so I can turn the Bluetooth and/or radio on and off quickly.
    12-08-08 01:53 PM
  6. Romple's Avatar
    Left side MMS
    Right side Music
    12-08-08 02:14 PM
  7. ashantiblack's Avatar
    I use the Left conv key for Messages and the Right conv key for the Address Book

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    12-08-08 02:16 PM
  8. sammedic's Avatar
    Left side vlingo

    Right side keyboard

    So far so good but probably going to try some others.

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    12-08-08 02:18 PM
  9. dbilawey's Avatar
    Don't really use convenience keys much. They need to make it so the speed dial list can be selected with a convenience key, then that is the one I would use. There has to be an easier way to quickly call/text your favorite contacts.. Add speed dial list as a conv key RIM!
    12-08-08 02:27 PM
  10. tliedl's Avatar
    On my curve I kept the default camera on the right and the app switcher on the left.

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    12-08-08 02:33 PM
  11. Habious's Avatar
    Right-side is show/hide keyboard....very handy trick that I learned from folks here.

    Left-side is set to gCalc. Makes it easy to calculate the tip on the restaurant bill (my husbandly duty when we eat out)
    12-08-08 02:35 PM
  12. Califormark's Avatar
    As suggested in another thread - If you could somehow make one of the keys "close app" that would be heaven.
    12-08-08 02:36 PM
  13. HHC5's Avatar
    Left side is "sound profile" (which is really handy for me) and right side "camera".
    12-08-08 02:39 PM
  14. captainamazing4u's Avatar
    Left side is keyboard and right side is music

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    12-08-08 03:14 PM
  15. Tifoso's Avatar
    Right side is camera default.
    Left side is disabled until I can get used to not hitting it accidentally.
    12-08-08 03:37 PM
  16. fecurtis's Avatar
    Right - Camera (default)
    Left - Call Log

    I used to have the left button configured to the keyboard, then I learned that if you want to show the keyboard you just slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen. If you want to hide the keyboard, you just have to slide your finger down on the keyboard. Works like a charm and pretty cool IMO.

    I figured that the Call Log is the most inconvinient thing to get to so I'd assign that to its own key.
    12-08-08 03:39 PM
  17. callsan's Avatar
    -Left browser
    -Right Keyboard
    12-08-08 03:46 PM
  18. t l b's Avatar
    Right - Camera

    Left - Call Log
    12-08-08 04:45 PM
  19. dayzofkonfuzion's Avatar
    right side is camera and left side is SMS text (I text like crazy, comes in handy)
    12-08-08 05:14 PM
  20. stormynights's Avatar
    left calendar
    right messages
    12-08-08 05:37 PM
  21. TeamMinisun's Avatar
    Left side is keyboard...
    Right side is camera...
    12-08-08 08:33 PM
  22. Sindervhit's Avatar
    Left/Call log

    Right/Options with it always in the Status menu so I can see exactly how much battery I have currently.
    12-08-08 08:50 PM
  23. Gelobster's Avatar
    right side is camera and left side is SMS text (I text like crazy, comes in handy)
    Left side Messages
    (I combined my email and sms into one folder. It's so nice not to have to look to see what kind of message it is when notified. Just hit the left button)

    Right side Camera (default)
    12-08-08 08:52 PM
  24. PhasedOut0607's Avatar
    I must sound like an *****, but how do you customize the convenience keys? I always hit the one that does Voice Dialing on accident, and it makes me want to punch a baby.
    12-08-08 08:58 PM
  25. crashovrride's Avatar
    Left-SMS and MMS
    12-08-08 09:03 PM
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