02-13-13 11:41 PM
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  1. jgodin03's Avatar
    Jonathan, 20yo. I started on Rogers with the 8100, in a few months my addiction grown up! I became a Telus sales rep and I got the Storm, I changed many times but always for a berry.

    Addicted with a 8100, 9530, 8830, 8330, and now a 9630. I have another 8330 and a 8130 in back up(all on Telus exepted the 8100)

    I'll never get an other device than BB!

    It's never, I said NEVER, as far as 3ft of me!(exept when i'm in the shower)
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    01-03-10 09:37 PM
  2. jgodin03's Avatar
    While we are slow @ work, we're encouraged to go to different departments & do some shadowing. I was sitting with a lady yesterday & her (work issued) blackberry's LED light was flashing the entire time I was there. I was mesmorized by it, lol. It was flashing green at first, then I noticed whenever she'd get an email it would flash red. She'd check the email on the computer, & then it was flashing green again. I wanted to know what green was!!!
    Green is for network status. You can check an option that when the network coverage is good, the led is blinking green.

    Blue-Bluetooth connection busy
    Red-New notification
    Yellow-Low battery
    Green-Network indicator
    01-03-10 09:42 PM
  3. 364ll's Avatar
    Hello my name is 364ll ,
    and I am addicted to my BB Curve 8520 ,
    I got it for Christmas and I haven't talen my hands off it yet ,
    I'm typing this post on my BB as I speak too
    I am really dreading going back to school ,
    because I won't be able to pull out my BB anytime I want to ,
    and that sucks because
    at home my BB is constantly in my prephircal sight ,
    I admit it : I'm in love with my violet berry and CrackBerry .

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    01-04-10 07:46 AM
  4. phonejunky's Avatar
    Sounds like a healthy addiction to me.

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    01-04-10 10:07 AM
  5. BlackberryAce's Avatar
    Hello My name is Ace and I am a Blackberry Addict and I have not been sober since a year ago.
    01-10-10 06:41 PM
  6. pantlesspenguin's Avatar
    Green is for network status. You can check an option that when the network coverage is good, the led is blinking green.

    Blue-Bluetooth connection busy
    Red-New notification
    Yellow-Low battery
    Green-Network indicator
    Oh, good to know. I was thinking that perhaps she had bebuzz or something & had a pending message . You'd think that the blinking green would get annoying after awhile! And, very draining on the battery.
    01-10-10 08:16 PM
  7. dx169's Avatar
    I confess that when I am having intercourse, I neglect my partner and I glance over at my Blackberry several times during our "session" and play a quick round of Blockberry. If we are still not done by the time I have lost, I start a text message asking several people "Hey what you up to?".

    And in all honesty, I've only been addicted to my BB for a week. Now I just use it for texting and phone calls. Nothing special.
    01-10-10 08:51 PM
  8. Jude526's Avatar
    I am also addicted to my BB I will never look back. I have created another BB addict. One of my brothers has one now and he loves it.
    01-11-10 01:20 AM
  9. filmusikat's Avatar
    I can't keep my eyes...hands...mind off my blackberry bold ! I'm obsessed.

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    01-11-10 05:29 AM
  10. Webermanjensen's Avatar
    Hello, I just got a berry a couple of days ago and I can't seem to put this thing down, im becoming an addict!!
    01-17-10 05:47 PM
  11. dadon401's Avatar
    im Da Don, n im here cuz im a CB addict. its like everytime i try to get off i jus get rite bak to it. like, like , i dont kno wat it is i jus keep wantin more. n dats y im here. ps- my girl hates dat i go on CB more than i go on her lol
    01-17-10 06:15 PM
  12. Forrest_Lambert's Avatar
    I tried to get help for my addict but didn't work. I'm hooked for life!! HEEEELLLLLPPP!!! LOL
    01-18-10 12:26 PM
  13. gmz73's Avatar
    Hi my name is Gina and I am an addict. Wonder if we'll ever see one of us on "Intervention"? LOL
    01-18-10 08:55 PM
  14. lovemythemes's Avatar
    Hello, My name is tiara & I am beginning to be a theme addict. lol
    02-02-10 09:00 AM
  15. cbrown61's Avatar
    I have only had my curve 8330 for a week now and I am addicted. Even my wife is getting jealous because of the cool things i can do with it...

    I think im more addicted to crackberry.com than i am with my BB itself, lol...
    02-02-10 10:20 AM
  16. phonejunky's Avatar
    How can't you love CB with so many people and different personalities most defending their beloved Blackberry's, this is a playground for trouble, Although i do like the Blackberry as well I LOVE CRACKBERRY and my IPHONE more
    02-04-10 01:28 PM
  17. its_missnichole's Avatar
    Returning CrackBerry Addict!

    New PIN -- message me :]
    I miss all the fun bbm people i used to talk to :/

    no creepers please
    fun people always welcome
    oh and im 19 almost 20
    02-07-10 03:05 AM
  18. jes0212's Avatar
    My name is Jessica and I'm an addict. I lose sleep over staying up and talking with people. If I can't sleep on my crackberry. If I'm in the car not driving I'm on my crackberry. If I'm waiting somewhere for something, I'm on my crackberry.

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    02-07-10 07:26 AM
  19. JRF_1986's Avatar
    I've had mine since Nov/10/09 and have been very pleased! I'm constantly on it, sometimes stay up late at night and surf forums and stuff (CB.com addicted as well) but I try to not use it while with my gf, since she has complained about me using it while on a date, so I'm trying not to get that addicted to it... will probably get her a BB so she can get in on the fun
    02-07-10 12:03 PM
  20. t.wils18's Avatar
    Hello; I am new still new to thee BB world and to CB; buhh ehm' definately qlad ta say that I am a crackberry addict. Hehe

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    02-07-10 02:40 PM
  21. whymista's Avatar
    You know you're an addict when you're still in the hospital with your brand new baby daughter who is 4 days old and you have someone take a picture of you and her laying down with your new 8530 laying on her ear.........
    02-07-10 02:44 PM
  22. surferdaddy's Avatar
    My name is Kevin, I'm 26 years old, and I am Proud to be a CrackBerry Addict!
    Hello, my name is Dave, (monotone 'hello Dave') and I'm a crackberry addict. Been on the 9700 now for about a week. My thumbs are sore, my eyes ache, and my bathroom habits have changed such that I fear I may soon require medicated pads.

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    02-08-10 10:33 AM
  23. Branypoo's Avatar
    Proud new BlackBerry addict!
    02-18-10 05:22 PM
  24. hfuller's Avatar
    I got my first blackberry about 5 years ago and I must say it is the best phone I ever owned. After 5 bb curves and now a bb tour I must confess that I am addicted to my crackberry.
    02-18-10 10:07 PM
  25. elvira1981's Avatar
    (Rubbing my eyes which are red and watery) I am Elvira and I uh think I uh may be addicted to this! I am a new bb owner and in the last 3 weeks I have become a sleep deprived sore thumbed crackberry and blackberry junkie!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-20-10 12:21 AM
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