02-13-13 11:41 PM
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  1. pcsmasher's Avatar
    Hello, I'm Darryl.
    The crowd: "hello Darryl."
    I'm a crackberry addict. I've not been sober at all. Not going to be either. The only thing I wanna know is, When can I upgrade(just upgraded to ready for the next one. I think I have surpassed my wife for time spent with a blackberry in my hands(she has a pearl). So its good to be here with fellow addicts.
    10-31-08 08:11 PM
  2. Spinny's Avatar
    This'll be fast because a new email just popped in and I simply must go see who it's from.

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    10-31-08 08:36 PM
  3. Mgorin893's Avatar
    It took quite a long time for my co-worker to convince me to get a BB, but he succeeded. So here we go... Hi, my name is Matt. I'm 26 years old and I'm a crackberry addict.

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    11-02-08 05:26 AM
  4. jerry12's Avatar
    HI my name is jerry some of you know me since i have been here a while now and i all ways have my blackberry with me the only time its cut off is when i go to bed.i check my emails all during the day as they come in.i get about sixty emails or news alerts a day and i do about 20 to 30 text a day and about 10 emails a day out going. i would say that i am addictive to my 8330. i started out with the 8130 in April and got my 8330 in Oct.
    11-02-08 09:26 AM
  5. Nibsie's Avatar
    I am Nibsie, a 35 year old Crackberry addict. I also pulled my husband into the fold.
    11-03-08 05:36 PM
  6. Hipcheque's Avatar
    I am a sad, sad man.

    Seriously, I spent like an hour at the Verizon kiosk just playing around with the Blackberry Curve tonight...I was there for about an hoiur on Saturday. I think the clerk thinks I'm a freak.

    Can't get my paycheque fast enough to buy my own........
    11-03-08 11:34 PM
  7. Zenitsu's Avatar
    I'm not an addict because my blackberry is actually what completes me.

    It's the reverse! Not having a blackberry is the problem.

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    11-03-08 11:41 PM
  8. bluesaber808's Avatar
    Started with a Pearl but in just a few short weeks it wasn't enough to curb my crave. Had to spend more money then I had on a Curve 8330 ( this is untill I breakdown for a storm )

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    11-04-08 10:13 AM
  9. Green Hat's Avatar
    I would post in this thread, but I'm too busy fondling my new Bold.
    11-04-08 10:25 AM
  10. Spinny's Avatar
    Does standing in line to vote and blogging about it on a political site in real time count as addicted behavior?
    11-04-08 10:34 AM
  11. iobxchick's Avatar
    My BB case and my ipod case match! lol both are bubble gum pink- and I think the ladies at the nail place thought I was crazy yesterday.....while getting a pedicure I had the ipod in my lap and was playing with my BB.......lol
    11-04-08 03:28 PM
  12. mrharleydude's Avatar
    *shyly stands up*
    My name is Scott..I'm 42..no I can say I'm not a blackberry addict....no wait that isn't true, I lied. I'm in a state of denial that I'm too scared to admit i have an addiction. Ok ok ok...it's true, I'm a blackberry addict. I wake up with my blackberry, I cook breakfast with my blackberry, I play games on my BB during meetings, I walk my dog while texting on my BB, ack **** I do everything with my blackberry! I'm so addicted I DON'T know what to do!!

    But!! I love it so much I wouldn't part with it. If I dropped it and broke it, I'd have a full blown out funeral for it and burial plot! It's my life and I don't know what I'd do without it!

    But alas, it's time is near an end as I've had mine for almost 2 years and I'm going to switch to Blackberry Bold when Sprint releases it!
    11-04-08 03:34 PM
  13. MysticMoonstone's Avatar
    I posted a thread but "mmmm crack-BERRY!"

    i'm in serious need of intervention.... i cant stop playing with the BB!!!!!!!! Once i found out that it's 100% customizable i'm in heaven!
    11-05-08 10:47 AM
  14. SirDarksoul's Avatar
    I just tried my first crackberry, it's an 8700g and I can't put it down. Is there an early intervention program?
    11-05-08 07:45 PM
  15. shwy's Avatar
    Alright who's name is Chris Parsons? A mods I know. I know because I'm looking at a magazine with your story in it. I just remember the story but not the username.
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    11-05-08 08:10 PM
  16. enrich2u's Avatar
    From my friend's point of view, I'm blackberry addict but i not really sure;
    11-05-08 08:17 PM
  17. RedSoxFreak67's Avatar
    I am addicted to my Curve AND to this site! Thanks everyone for the hours of entertainment and info!
    11-05-08 09:20 PM
  18. 3083joe's Avatar
    Very addicted
    8310 for work and about to get the storm for personal so my wife my really kill me now. She keeps saying why 2 BBs?
    11-05-08 10:17 PM
  19. lilyannlee's Avatar
    My name is Laura and I am from Pittsburgh. I am 32 and can't believe I waited so long to get one of these. I understand now!!
    11-06-08 02:29 PM
  20. Orio's Avatar
    My name is Mark, and I too have become addicted to my blackberry. I used to just do the "light stuff"...an LG enV2...Moved upto a Moto Q, but NOOOO that was not enough to satisfy my addiction. I am now "main-lining" with my Curve until I crash at night. Since I quit smoking...my curve is what I take a hit off of first thing in the morning....then coffee. But I do believe this should be as far off the path as I will wander...my curve SHOULD be enough...at least my poor wife prays it will be.
    11-06-08 05:42 PM
  21. GapBoyPCS's Avatar
    What have you all done to me? I have to check CB out every so often when I come home. I now like to have my Bold in my hands feeling the silicone skin and just rolling the trackball around.

    Now after chatting more with some of you, it sits beside me on the nightstand or next to my computer at work. I loaded up Flycast and joined Moodio, so now I'm into streaming music.

    No wonder I'm still single LOL
    11-06-08 06:14 PM
  22. naturalbeauty334's Avatar
    I must admit it that I'm an addict too!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    11-06-08 11:51 PM
  23. skyjackal's Avatar
    I constantly have my device with me, check it night and day, my wife complains about the sound of "click, click, click" in bed at night and crackberry.com is the first of my favorites I fire up at work every morning. Truly hooked.
    11-07-08 12:06 AM
  24. mstrakt's Avatar
    Haha. Hate to admit it too... But I'm also an addict and I can't stop lol. I'm on CB browsing the forums at 3:02am while my gf is next to me sleeping.. I hope she doesn't mind the sound of typing and scrolling of the trackball hehe

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    11-07-08 05:03 AM
  25. war machine's Avatar
    the addiction is only a problem when I am away from my blackberry...
    11-07-08 10:03 AM
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