02-13-13 11:41 PM
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  1. branden3112's Avatar
    My name is Branden, I'm 12 years old, and I am Proud to be a CrackBerry Addict! I have a Pearl 8100 and I love it! I am also a text and IM addict! I must have my BlackBerry (or if worse comes to worse some kind of cell phone with unlimted texting and IMing) to keep in touch with friends and to help me pursue a career in the field of technology! I gladly suffer from BlackBerry thumb almost weekly! My BlackBerry has my life on it. I back it up every 2 days. My family hates it when i constantly texting and reading Viigo. They have come to live with it because they are CrackBerry addicts also(no where near as bad as me though)! Sometimes I will stay up until 3am texting and IMing and reading Viigo feeds in bed. Viigo is awesome!
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    06-21-08 05:57 PM
  2. 2nd2NoNe's Avatar
    Hi, I'm J and I'm the proud owner of a new BB Curve! I must confess...oftentimes I fall asleep with it cradled in my hands...BTW...it has a name also..."BOSS!"

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    06-21-08 09:02 PM
  3. saechavarry's Avatar
    Whats up everyone, my name is Steve and I just ordered my Curve 8330 on Friday and expect it sometime this week. Im not an addict yet but im sure ill get there very soon!

    06-23-08 12:18 PM
  4. li2327's Avatar
    You're going to love using a blackberry! Its an awesome addiction.

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    06-23-08 12:29 PM
  5. miss_michelle's Avatar
    It's with me everwhere I go (sometimes even to the bathroom *blush*) and I'm constantly watching for the little flashing red light. I'm definitely an addict and proud of it!!
    06-23-08 12:32 PM
  6. embryanhangsuite's Avatar
    Hi, my name is Bon Bon and i'm a blackberry addict. I've only had mine for about 4 months. Too many features, so lil time.
    06-23-08 12:36 PM
  7. PhxBlue's Avatar
    Whats up everyone, my name is Steve and I just ordered my Curve 8330 on Friday and expect it sometime this week. Im not an addict yet but im sure ill get there very soon!

    Sprints 8330 is nice! Congrats!
    06-23-08 01:22 PM
  8. stickypixieberry's Avatar
    Hey, my name is Pixie. I am a CB addict. I had my phone for 2 months now and i LOVE it. I don't know what I'd do without my BB.
    06-23-08 01:26 PM
  9. Flat Thumbs's Avatar
    I've tried to kick the habit but couldn't. I bought an otterbox just so I can send email in the shower.

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    06-23-08 01:32 PM
  10. Blueline29's Avatar
    Right now, I'm addicted to my BB more as a fun little toy than as something in which I have my entire life stored. Since I learned how to create themes, I've been a ******** machine, cranking out new ones constantly, so I wind up changing them every other day or so. It's sad, yes, but I like it.
    06-24-08 11:14 AM
  11. tmember's Avatar

    Blueline29, What Theme software do you use and why did you choose it as opposed to other programs?

    06-24-08 03:31 PM
  12. Ducks's Avatar
    Hey everyone, I love my blackberry. I have had mine since febuary 2008, but recently i decide mine was dirty so i washed it ( lol, so yes it was an acident for htose of you should jsut screamed ) but hey you have to love T-Moblie and having ins right.. so i am thinking yay I'm going to get a new Blackberry 8320 for $50... right.... WRONG! it cost me $110.00 to replace my Blackberry. So now i have alot invested in it and I am never getting another phone again. ( my BF wants to switch and get an IPhone- but i hate Apple more than anything in the world! so that's never going to happen ) anyway even tho i have now spent $511.00 on my Blackberry not including my bluetooth headset and case, I guess i shoul dget soome stock in the company or something. LOL !
    anyway I love it and i offically have 2 addictions. my Crackberry and World or WarCRACK! lol ( Warcraft )
    06-24-08 05:22 PM
  13. j.p.hatfield's Avatar
    i am addicted to crackberry and my be-lov-ed pearl!!!!!
    06-24-08 07:28 PM
  14. iamjoel5's Avatar
    ok ok I'll do it!!

    My name is Joel and I am a CB addict

    lol why do so many people think it's "I'm addicted to BB, not CB?"
    06-24-08 08:35 PM
  15. JasonHDD's Avatar
    I dunno about all the "addiction" and all...but I do DIG BB & CB...
    06-24-08 08:36 PM
  16. fstraz's Avatar
    This is bad-- really bad. I switched from the HTC Touch to the Curve 10 days ago. How will I ever get used to the stability, effortless syncs & flawless bluetooth connections??
    06-24-08 09:12 PM
  17. ccisneros878's Avatar
    I am definately an addict. Its tough to admit, but I think that I need to face the addiction....and I have only had my precious baby for two weeks...it feels like we have known each other forever. We are so in sync!!
    06-24-08 09:32 PM
  18. boymental's Avatar
    I am addicted to CB and BB. I am @ work right now on my new baby. Her name is Ms. Mimi. My wife is gonna divorce me soon if I take my baby with us to dinner again. I am constantly on it. IT CONTROLS MY LIFE.....ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Love it! Dont want anything else....ok maybe the bold but T-mobile sucks right now....maybe a change is in order.
    06-24-08 09:35 PM
  19. ddhgator's Avatar
    Does anybody (like me) take it with them in the bathroom.....?

    Lol. Can't take the chance of missing somthin. Lol.

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    06-24-08 10:02 PM
  20. akayjr's Avatar
    i juss cant put my baby down.. its become apart of me in a matter of two weeks
    06-24-08 11:30 PM
  21. Username01939's Avatar
    Hi My name is Delisha
    I am a super crackberry addict.
    Been this way for over a year now.
    I stray sometimes trying to get away but I always manage to come back.
    I don't want treatment.
    I freak if i don't have my bb with me at all times.
    Currently I have a blackberry 8110
    06-24-08 11:56 PM
  22. nuniboy's Avatar
    Hi my name is Pete and I'm a addicted to my 8310 curve my girl is on my case cause I'm always on it and my family thinks that I'm insane...oh well its a blackberry thang they just don't understand

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    06-25-08 09:01 AM
  23. llasso's Avatar
    Been using my BB 8320 since april (just a newbie), but its great!!! Im addicted to it and dont know how we could live so long without a BB.

    See ya around.
    06-25-08 05:35 PM
  24. ecooper11's Avatar
    I was addicted when I got my Curve. Now I got my 8820, and I might as well glue it to my hand! I'm on Oswald (aka: my 8820) all day, and sometimes all night. I check cb throughout the day and everyone I meet thinks I'm a freak. People tell me I have a problem, I say "yep" and keep on typing. I love cb and my bb. You know your addicted when you seal your bb in a zip lock bag, and keep it pool side with you. Oswald has saved me countless times in school and helped me study for the regents exams. I'm addicted for life. Thanks RIM and CB!

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    06-26-08 09:04 PM
  25. pmiguel's Avatar
    I only have had my BB for little over two weeks and already is totally customized to what i like (well as close as it can get anyway). I use my BB for so many of my activities and i can't function without it since all my contacts and agenda are in there.
    06-27-08 11:30 AM
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