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    Guy gets pulled over for running through stop sign.

    Officer: Sir, you haven't stopped at the stop sign.

    Driver: Officer, I slowed down.

    Officer: You are supposed to come to a complete stop.

    Driver: But I slowed down!!!! What's the difference?

    Officer: Please step out of the car.

    *Driver steps out*
    *Officer starts beating him with the baton*

    Driver: Aaaaah! What the heck are you doing?

    Officer: Sir, do you want me to SLOW DOWN or do you want me to STOP?
    10-20-10 04:38 PM
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    I guy walks into a Dr's office wearing nothing but Shrink Warp... The Dr looked at him and said " you came here because your crazy, but i can just see your nuts "

    2 guys are out fishing on a boat with some dynamite, the Game Warden come over and says "you know your not allowed to fish with dynamite". So the guy lights a stick and ask him "are you going to fish or just sit there and hold it".

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    I found a way to end world wide starvation. If people get Hungary they can eat some Chile or get Greece to make French fries. Then bake a Turkey.

    Why do farts stink? So deaf people can appreciate it too

    Question: what's the difference between a catholic priest and acne?
    Answer: acne waits until the boy is about 13 before it comes on his face.

    I hate when people say I don't know Jack ****t, because I do know Jack ****t. He is the only son of Awe ****t and Oh ****t. Awe ****t owned a fertilizer company and Oh ****t ran a knee deep cooperation. Jack ****t married Noe ****t they had 6 kids, Holie ****t, Fulla ****t, Giva ****t, Bull ****t, Deep ****t, and Dip ****t. Deep ****t went against her parents wishes and married Dumb ****t a High School dropout. Bull ****t went to Paris where he found the love of his life, Pisa ****t. Dip ****t married Loda ****t and produced a nervous child, Chicken ****t. Giva and Fulla ****t were inseparable so they married the Happens twins. In the papers it was the ****t-Happens Wedding. They each produced 3 children, Dawg ****t, Byrd ****t, and Horse ****t. Jack and Noe ****t had some problems so they got divorced. Noe ****t kept her last name because of the children, so she was renamed Noe ****t-Sherlock. So if someone says you don't know Jack ****t, you can correct them.
    07-16-11 11:44 AM
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    Guy goes in for a brain transplant surgery.

    Surgeon: We have 3 available brains for you - lawyer's brain for $500, doctor's brain for $1000 and a fry cook's brain for $3000.

    Guy: Why is the fry cook's brain so much more expensive than the others?

    Surgeon: It's barely used.

    07-29-11 10:26 AM
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    Why did Harry Potter and Hermione split up? He gave her hogwarts.......
    Wouldn't this one be more funny if it were reversed?

    She gave his Hog..warts!
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    Add you to what?
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    Add you to what?
    Hog-warts waiting list

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    07-30-11 11:11 AM
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    08-02-11 09:28 PM
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