08-02-11 09:28 PM
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  1. mstiffany7's Avatar
    I don't know if this is in the right area but I was thinking it would be a good idea for us to share some jokes. So whomever has some pretty good jokes...post them here so we can all have a berry good laugh!
    01-15-09 01:49 AM
  2. kvaughan's Avatar
    This forum would be more appropriate http://forums.crackberry.com/f36/
    01-15-09 06:27 AM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    As the above CB said it belongs in Off Topic, BUT I think it's a great thread idea.

    And of course I can not think of 1 good joke to start us off! The OPs .."berry good laugh" comment did give me a good chuckle. Ok CB nation get to funning!
    01-15-09 09:01 AM
  4. 12MaNy's Avatar
    How do you get an 80 year old woman to curse loudly?

    You get another 80 year old woman to yell "BINGO!".
    01-15-09 10:18 AM
  5. Jaysus Cutler6's Avatar
    How do you get a nun pregnant? Dress her up like an altar boy.

    Why did Harry Potter and Hermione split up? He gave her hogwarts.

    How do you make a hormone? Don't pay her.

    Why don't cannibals eat clowns? They taste funny.

    What do you do if you see an amputee being hanged? Yell out letters.
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    01-16-09 02:44 AM
  6. mstiffany7's Avatar
    LMAO!!! The above jokes are hilarious!
    01-16-09 11:08 PM
  7. Turrese's Avatar
    Two goldfish are in a tank; which one's driving?

    Sorry, I realize it's a very dumb joke, but for whatever reason, I think this one's hilarious.
    01-16-09 11:16 PM
  8. 12MaNy's Avatar
    A mushroom walks into a bar and says "Gimme a beer!" The bartender says "We don't serve mushrooms here!"

    The mushroom then says "Why not? I'm a Fun-gi."
    01-17-09 01:39 AM
  9. Landshark1949's Avatar
    A duck walks into a pharmacy and says give me a tube of chap stick and put it on my bill….
    01-18-09 03:58 PM
  10. data_munkey's Avatar
    Two cows in a field, the 1st turns to the other and says "have you heard about that awful mad cows disease going round?", and the 2nd cow says "I'm not worried cos I'm a squirrel!"

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    01-19-09 05:45 PM
  11. foubre73's Avatar
    a young boy asked his father one day, "what's the difference between confident & confidential?"

    his father looked at him & said " you are my son. of that, i am confident.
    your little friend next door is my son, too. but that's confidential."
    01-19-09 09:33 PM
  12. mom24's Avatar
    An elderly couple are attending church services.About halfway through, she writes a note and hands it to her husband.*It says:* 'I just let out a silent fart, what do you think I should do?'He scribbles back, 'Put a new battery in your hearing aid!'

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    01-20-09 08:01 PM
  13. berdert's Avatar
    "Baby Got Back" re-worked, Weird Al style

    I like pork chops and I cannot lie,
    You Jewish brothers can't deny,
    When you see plate of bacon and it's there for the takin', you get HUNG-
    Ry, that's what I said; it's time to break bread
    Ooooh baby, want to show you my yamaka, and celebrate Hanukkah

    Haven't finished the lyrics but I think that's a good start.
    10-01-10 09:28 PM
  14. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    A Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel in his pants,
    Bartender asks "What's the deal with the steering wheel"
    Pirate replies "Arrrrgggghhhh!! Driving me nuts"
    10-02-10 12:55 PM
  15. Username00089's Avatar
    What do you call a woman who isn't in the kitchen?

    Who cares! Tell her to get back in the kitchen!!
    10-02-10 01:48 PM
  16. middbrew's Avatar
    A blind man walks into a bar with a seeing-eye dog. When the blind man reaches the center of the bar, he snatches the dog up by his collar and starts swinging him around and around.

    The bartender speaks up and says "Hey what the **** are you doing?"

    The blind man says, "Just taking a look around.."

    __________________________________________________ _______________________________

    A man stomps into a bar, obviously angry. He growls at the bartender, "Gimme a beer", takes a slug, and shouts out, "All lawyers are assholes!"
    A guy at the other end of the bar retorts, "You take that back!"

    The angry man snarls, "Why? Are you a lawyer?"

    The guy replies, "No, I'm an a**hole!"
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    10-04-10 05:09 PM
  17. skullgame45's Avatar
    Jack and Jill went up the hill so he could lick her candy. But jack was in for a surprise cause Jills real name was Randy

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    10-05-10 10:06 AM
  18. skullgame45's Avatar
    Why did Michael Jackson call Boyz II Men?

    He thought it was a delivery service

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    10-12-10 10:04 AM
  19. skullgame45's Avatar
    Why can't Mexicans be fire fighters?

    They can't tell the difference between Hose A and Hose B

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    10-12-10 10:11 AM
  20. Ike Bee's Avatar
    A man that runs a chicken farm called the sheriff's office and complained that cars run over his chickens on the highway and they put up a sign--Slow Chicken Crossing. Didn't work. Put up another sign--Slow Children at Play. Didn't work. Finally the chicken farmer asked if he can put up his own sign, and the sheriff said OK just don't call us anymore. Two months later, the sheriff passed by the chicken farm and saw a 12 ft.x 12ft.sign that read--SLOW NUDIST COLONY!

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    10-12-10 06:34 PM
  21. skullgame45's Avatar
    Dum joke of the day...

    Two guys walk into a bar. The third guy ducks

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    10-18-10 09:08 AM
  22. gregerator's Avatar
    I know a guy who's so cheap that when he goes fishing, he puts a picture of a worm on his hook. Unfortunately he catches a picture of a fish!
    A guy walks in to a bar and a horse shows up behind the counter. The guy just looks at the horse and the horse says, "What's the matter? Surprised to see em here?" And the guys says, "Yeah! Did the cow sell the place?" :P
    10-20-10 01:06 AM
  23. jlb21's Avatar
    Go goes to see his psychiatrist and says, "Doc, sometimes I think I am a wigwam and sometimes I think I am a teepee."

    The doc looks at him and says, "I know what your problem is....you're just too tense."
    10-20-10 09:54 AM
  24. trucky's Avatar
    MEXICO CITY (UPI) -- Officials in a Mexico City borough said 600 residents made it into the Guinness Book of World Records by creating the world's largest enchilada.

    Local priests condemned the competition, claiming it distracted the public from the holy guacamole.
    10-20-10 09:57 AM
  25. trucky's Avatar
    PALM COAST, Fla. (UPI) -- Authorities in Florida said 11 Shetland ponies escaped from a corral and stampeded through the city of Palm Coast.

    In an attempt to achieve maximum adorability, the round-up was handled by six year olds in cowboy suits.
    10-20-10 10:03 AM
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