1. Kemir's Avatar
    I saw almost every freaking colorwave idea everyone posted on the Colorwave contest and trust me, that pink one really really wasnt the best one and the most genuine or the most inovative... in what they based the desition ??? i really dont know but that sucks.. ok i didnt won a z10, ill get over it.... but im pretty sure some of the other people who posted some pretty neet desings are really disapointed. (sorry for the bad english).
    11-12-13 02:26 PM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    Now keep in mind that what we like may not strike your fancy, but for us this is the one we loved most overall. Not too plain, not too crazy, but definitely rocking some style.

    And really.. complaining about not winning a contest? That's just bad form.. How about being happy for the winner?
    11-12-13 02:54 PM