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    Ladyboy flight attendants hired by new Thai airline
    New Thai airline PC Air is recruiting transsexual ladyboys as flight attendants, making it the first Thailand-based airline to do so.

    PC Air transsexual flight attendants (L to R): Nathatai Sukkaset, 26, Dissanai Chitpraphachin, 24, Chayathisa Nakmai, 24 and Phuntakarn Sringern, 24, pose for photographers (Picture: Reuters)
    The airline received more than 100 job applications from transsexuals, of which it hired four, to join the 19 female and seven male flight attendants.
    It stated that the qualifications for the ladyboy flight attendants were the same as for women, and they should also walk and talk in a feminine manner.
    One of the flight attendants who made it through the application process, 24-year-old Chayathisa Nakmai, said: 'When I knew that I got this job, I burst into tears because I'm very happy.
    'I had sent many applications to different airlines.'

    An instructor applies make-up foundation on the face of transsexual flight attendant Dissanai Chitpraphachin
    PC Air president Peter Chan told the news provider that recruiting the ladyboys was a longer process than hiring the male and female crew members.
    'For male flight attendants, if I don't want to hire them, it's because of their attitude or their characters, like the way they walk and smile. For female flight attendants, if they have no patience and their character does not qualify, we won't hire them,' he said.
    'For transsexuals, we can't just spend five or ten minutes with them, we have to spend the whole day with them to make sure they have feminine characters.'
    According to the PC Air job advert for cabin crew members, all applicants needed to be of Thai nationality, hold a Bachelor's degree, be able to swim and have 'excellent' communications skills in both English and Thai.

    02-11-11 06:53 AM
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    "coffee, tea or he/she?" can i get some chai??
    02-11-11 12:34 PM
  3. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    02-11-11 01:50 PM
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    take any cream with that?
    02-11-11 01:58 PM
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    take any cream with that?
    That would be a requirement with the airline.
    02-12-11 12:19 PM
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    This is an EXCELLENT idea by the airlines - no male customer will ever sexually harass a flight attendant again if they know there's a couple surprises in the mix.
    02-12-11 04:46 PM
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    So the real question is hot-dog or taco. OWWWW.!!!!........

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    02-12-11 10:35 PM
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    It's like a box of chocolates. You never know.,............

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    02-13-11 01:26 PM
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    It's like a box of chocolates. You never know.,............
    or in some cases, it could be "never knew"
    02-14-11 12:10 PM
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    Bubba wasa shocked to find out, the stewardess was swinging a mile high club.
    02-14-11 07:09 PM
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    At least he found out if it hadn't been swinging, he might not have ever known!
    02-14-11 08:07 PM