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    OKAY, so last week me and some neighbors were at the jacuzzi and they just graduated form HS (I am 2 years removed and my friend is 1 year) so we were all talking and stuff about the future and college and what their majors were gonna be. I told them I was a Film Major and I have a ton of good ideas all the time for films.

    If you wanna keep reading please be off this earth aka hiiiiigh.

    Anyways we were sitting there for what felt like an etenity but was about 15 minutes in silence just sitting the water when all of a sudden an idea came to my mind. I jumped out of the water and asked the other if they have seen the movie Cloverfield. They all said yes. So I told them of the greatest sequel to it. So the year is 2050 and NYC is being excavated because it was torn apart 50 years back from a creature which no one knew where it came from. A member of the team finds a video camera and begins to record different things such as the city and his way to his apartment. He plugs in the video camera and rewinds it to the beginning, at this point the screen is snowy white and then Cloverfield 1 just replays until the end. hahahahhahaha OMG you all should have been there!!!!!!!

    This is joke btw, the story at least, the story of Cloverfield 2. Cloverfield 1 was dumb enough haha I have better ideas than this believe me
    07-03-08 02:54 PM