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    I was raised catholic, but I've been Agnostic (ie, believe it's possible there may be a god/deity of some type but don't subscribe to any particular religion) for many years now.

    However I still respect Christmas as a holiday for the good feelings it brings to people and for the culture that is associated with it, beautiful christian choral music, excellent art and fantastic architecture etc.

    For me, the concept of enjoying this holiday is in NO way discriminatory to other religions or atheists/agnostics alike. I am not Christian as I said, but Christianity is (generally) the most widespread religion so it stands to reason that it will receive the most attention.

    I can see that for some people Christmas is nothing more than an excuse for the retail stores to rake in some cash, but it's good for the economy and it is hurting nobody. To suggest that we should call this time of year "Winterval" or simply stop referring to it as Christmas for the sake of appearing non-discriminatory toward other religious holidays is awful and, though I am absolutely pro-choice and encourage you to celebrate the holidays in whichever way you choose, I will stand against the banning of Christmas alongside the Christians despite our differences in belief.

    FYI: I don't know if you have experienced this, but certainly in the UK schools have started to ban nativity plays and christmas decorations for fear of offending children and parents of other or no religion. Is this sort of thing prevalent where you're from or is this new to you?

    Good to hear your thoughts
    12-10-08 11:39 AM
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    What can I say when youive already said it all. Well done. :-)

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    12-10-08 11:42 AM
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    Yes to me, Christmas can be a religious holiday- Or a Commercial Holiday.

    But to me, it's a Commercial Holiday.

    Christmas is the same, with or without Jesus.

    A Christmas Tree is a Christmas Tree, whether there is a Nativity Set Near it or Not.

    And no, I don't find it offensive.

    Why would I find a Birth Scene in a Barn offensive?

    I find it more offensive to see a dead man.

    I don't see why others don't feel the same.

    Religious or Not.
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    What can I say when youive already said it all. Well done. :-)

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    Well said indeed!
    12-10-08 02:32 PM