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    My children have always followed the tradition of leaving out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas eve and without fail, "HE" would take a few bites and drink some of the milk.(as long as the milk was still fresh and not luke warm ) We loved to see the look on their faces as they came down and saw all the new presents under the tree and that Santa had eaten the cookies.

    Well one Christmas apparently there wasn't time to bake any Christmas cookies...

    On this no time to bake cookies thing, I asked my wife why there wasn't any time to bake them? I gave the example of how June Cleaver, from "Leave it to Beaver", always was in a dress, heels, hair and makeup done, and even wearing pearls every morning when her husband woke up. Plus she had breakfast ready in the morning, household chores done and dinner on the table when he got home.
    It's been quite a while since I've seen my wife laugh that hard and the eggs and pancakes, that I made for myself this morning, tasted pretty good thank you very much!

    Back to the story...
    ...so "understandably" there wasn't any time to bake cookies and some last minute store bought (cheap IMO) cookies were purchased and sat out for "Santa".
    Santa strolled into the living room and began sitting all the gifts under the tree. "HE" was eyeing the plate of cookies awaiting him on the coffee table with anticipation. Once his task was complete I, I mean "HE" plopped down on the couch with a big smile and those rosy cheeks all a glow. "HE" grabbed up one of those cookies and took a big bite. "HIS" eyes opened wide and his rosy cheeks turned green...my, this was the nastiest cookies that "HE" had ever seen!

    As "HE" lay a finger on the side of his nose...actually it was his hand covering his mouth as to not spit cookie on the carpet. "HE" rose with a leap and ran to the trash can and spit it out. "HE" looked at the plate of cookies and said WOW! Where the heck did Mrs."Grinch" (looked both ways before I typed that LOL) get these cookies?!?

    But "HIS" love for the children was stronger than his stomach, so as to not disappoint, "HE" took bites from each cookie and spat them out, then poured some of the warm milk down the drain.

    I'm happy to say this Christmas there were fresh baked chocolate chip cookies waiting on "Santa" which he gobbled down with enjoyment. Heck, "HE" even went into the refrigerator and got a fresh glass of milk to enjoy them with not considering his lactose intolerance. "Santa" received his own special gift Christmas day, but it was worth it.

    Anyone else in the CrackBerry family have any funny stories that occurred on Christmas?
    12-26-11 02:59 PM
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    Well, I got wasted and threw up all over (not all into) the toilet at my brother's place after he made Da Bomber, after I snuck more and added coffee (BAD idea) and that caused me to throw it all up. What a big mess. I wish I had been on the balcony for a bit, somebody else 14 stories below would have gotten a chunky shower. Oh the fun...
    01-01-12 09:42 PM
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    @ OP, funny and heartwarming story.
    Thanks for taking the time to share.
    01-19-12 11:07 PM