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    The first specs we look at when choosing a cellphone
    are the battery life numbers. We know that eventually
    were going to see performance loss, and [Dr. West]
    wanted to see if theres a way to delay the inevitable.
    What he found is that ambient temperature affects
    the battery throughout its life. He set out to build a
    phone chiller to slow the degradation of the battery.
    The research that he points to shows that at room
    temperature, a Lithium battery will lose 20% of its
    capacity each year. This seems like a dubious number
    so do share links to studies that state otherwise in the
    comments. Whether that 20% is right or not, the point
    is that cooling the battery will preserve it. With that in
    mind, [Dr. West] put together a pod that uses a peltier
    cooler and a heat sink to host his Blackberry while he
    sleeps. He figures he can reduce the capacity lost per
    year from 20% down to 14%. This of course comes at
    the expense of running that cooler every night (in
    addition to charging the phone when it needs it). But
    perhaps this solution will spark an idea that leads to a
    better one.

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