1. jazz110's Avatar
    Locally I'm getting $129.00 prices plus tax of course. I'd like to buy one and see Amazon.com has them for about $30.00 less. Wonder why the local shops are pulling list on these?
    10-07-07 06:45 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Just buy it here, save yourself any grief...
    10-07-07 06:58 PM
  3. jazz110's Avatar
    The answer was in plain sight!
    10-07-07 07:10 PM
  4. kjparfekt#CB's Avatar
    i got mine from the verizon store with a corporate discount on accessories of 25% so I ended up paying 94.49 including tax and free shipping and it came with a nice universal motorola arm band that's detachable and fits both my blackberry and regular cell phone
    10-09-07 09:53 AM